Why You Need Toe Stretchers and Tips To Relieve Foot Pain

Why You Need Toe Stretchers and Tips To Relieve Foot Pain

They’re such a fun addition to your quarantine. Like, it doesn’t get better than Cheez-Its, Tiger King & toe stretchers.

They’re everything you never knew you needed. Stretching your toes is a ‘thing’ & you can’t judge it til you try it.

Have you ever gotten some hot new shoes that don’t quite fit? LOL.

Point is- if you’ve ever had a ‘squeeze-your-foot-into-a-shoe’ moment, you need some toe stretchers. It’s basically a jelly-like contraption with a hole for each toe. Every toe is invited to the party! Just sit back, relax & wait for relief.

Benefits of a Toe Stretcher:

My father-in-law is a HUGE fan of toe stretching too. We text each other pics of us toe stretching all the time. LOL.

As you guys may know, I have plantar fasciitis. I’ve talked about it on the blog before but here’s a little recap:

Since I was 14 years old, I’ve been in the restaurant business ( until a few years ago ). I started as a hostess then became a cocktail waitress & then a bartender. All 3 of these jobs within the service industry required me to stand on my feet for long periods of time- I’m sure a lot of you can relate. & because of that, I developed plantar fasciitis.

For me, it came from wearing really bad shoes & standing on my feet too long. I remember being so broke & not being able to afford comfy shoes so I would go to Marshall’s every 6 months & buy whatever $8 black flats they had. Obviously none of them had an arch support. It got worse & worse. It got to the point where I could hardly walk when I got out of bed in the morning after a shift. I tried everything from stretching, gel inserts, new shoes, but nothing was working. The arch & heel of my foot just always hurt.

There were some things that did end up working though & I want to share them here again, while we’re on the subject of toe stretching & foot health.

♡ Racquetball

The first & most efficient thing in my opinion is to get a racquetball. The one I like is pink & just the right firmness- it’s just perfectly strong. You basically roll it on the arch of your foot while putting your body pressure on it. This feels good whether you have plantar fasciitis or not.

So you want to roll the ball along the entire sole of your foot. When you’re rolling you should rock side to side so it goes from the toe to the heel all along the entire sole of the foot. I like to put my entire body weight on it but to start, maybe don’t press as firmly. Fun fact. The feet are the furthest body part from the heart, so when you get blood to the feet it helps with muscle repair & keeps your feet in good health. I wanna do it on my feet right now it sounds so good.

This is great to do at home, especially after a workout. I try to make Michael do it but he doesn’t love foot massage like I do.

♡ Custom Orthotics

Another thing you can do is get custom orthotics. This is something I had to save up for when I was a bartender. My feet got so bad that after 2 years I couldn’t stand for a whole shift. A doctor molded my feet & it cost $400. Ugh! I saved every penny I had to get them, then I’d throw them in the Marshall’s $8 flats. They’re pricey for sure, but it did relieve a lot of the pain.

Now, I’ve heard arch support isn’t the best idea because it’s kinda like training wheels- you gotta get off them at some point. But I will say this: the custom orthotics really helped me get through my shifts.

If you’re in the San Diego area & in need of custom orthotics you have to go see Dr. Sam. He’s amazing & you basically just stand in this sand stuff & he molds your feet. Contact him at samschiropractic.com or (858) 569-6959.

♡ Foot Stretches

The third thing that can really help is stretching. Before you get out of bed, stretch your feet & toes. Put your toes on the ground & then lift your heels. Alternatively you can cross one ankle over the opposite knee then grab your toes & pull them towards your shin. These stretches really helped too. That stretch every morning activated blood flow & helped the pain from wearing restrictive, non-supportive shoes.

The fascia is a web of connective tissue so when you release it, it can trigger the entire web. This feels amazing. Trust me.

Side note: if a racquetball is too gnarly for you ( I like everything intense ) then you could always use a tennis ball because it’s a bit softer. But I’m telling you, if you have foot pain you have to try these things ( but especially the ball ).

3 Yoga Poses For Your Feet:

Also, just an FYI- if your feet really hurt, you should go to a little hole in the wall foot spa ( after quarantine is over, of course ). The one I go to is an Asian foot spa & they’re the best. No one speaks to me, I can just work on my phone, & get the most amazing foot massage.

Let me know any tips you guys have for relieving foot pain at home. Always down to try your recommendations.

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