Possible Reasons for Mike Taking Howard’s Shoes

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Envy and Jealousy

Jealousy and envy usually stem from feelings of inadequacy, and people who feel this way tend to compare themselves with others. In Mike’s case, he may have felt that Howard was superior and had the resources to buy expensive shoes while he could not afford such luxury.


Revenge is a formidable motivator for theft, and people who feel wronged are more likely to steal as a way of getting even. If Howard had previously wronged Mike in any way, then taking his shoes could have been a well-calculated move by Mike.


Thrill-seeking theft is usually impulsive, and the thief does not put much thought into the consequences of their actions. This means that Mike may not have considered the consequences of taking Howard’s shoes and only did it for the rush that comes with stealing.

The Consequences of Stealing Shoes

Furthermore, stealing shoes can lead to social consequences such as loss of trust and alienation. Howard may never trust Mike again and may distance himself from him, causing a rift in their relationship. Additionally, other people may also view Mike differently, and he could lose the respect he had previously garnered in his social circles.

How to Avoid Stealing Shoes

Additionally, seeking legal help can prevent you from getting into a sticky situation with the law. If you feel like you may be compelled to steal something, talking to a therapist or mental health professional can help you work through the emotions that are motivating you.


If you or someone you know is struggling with the urge to steal items, seeking professional help or practicing empathy can help them through this challenging phase. Ultimately, avoiding theft is the best way to preserve relationships and maintain your integrity in society.

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