Three great reasons to have an hydration vest! – Inspiration

Three great reasons to have an hydration vest! – Inspiration

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We have all seen that guy early in the morning on a long run Sunday, who has all the gear ready for a morning run, but you couldn’t quite understand what all that stuff was all about? Well, here are three good reasons why you should consider a hydration vest for your training!

Water and energy 

Being hydrated is extremely important when running and it will have a huge impact on your performance if you don’t drink regularly during your run. I can easily drink 1 liter per hour on my long runs and I really notice a difference. Bringing water will make you drink more during the run and give you both a better run and a better recovery afterward.

People have their own way of using a vest. Some fill up with water at home, some leave home empty but fill up at drinking stations, and some use the bottles as cups when there is accessible water, trying to run as light as possible. You decide what type of runner you are, but remember to only fill up on water you are 100% sure it’s drinkable.

Energy is also important when running longer distances. Both having a place to store energy, but also keep the trash is important. Having enough to last the distance is just as important for your run as your recovery.


Load your body in the right way

There are loads of places to put your stuff: On your arm, on your thigh, in your hand, or around the hips. All of them are places where your body moves a lot.
When you need to bring supplies, then there is no place better suited for moving than on your upper torso. You can load it up and have way less hindrance when running, than if you are attaching things to all the moving parts of your body.

While running backpacks also fit in that spot, they will usually not be as comfortable and move around more, and this makes them much less likely to be used often.


Be prepared!

Imagine you are out running, and it suddenly starts to rain, or if you get injured and the wind is too cold for you to safely walk home without getting sick. Then you can whip out your rain jacket and stay safe and warm.

What if you see the most amazing sunset and you need to whip out your phone to share it on Instagram? Or your friend needs storage for his phone. I have been the carrier of other people’s stuff a lot of times!

Maybe later that same run you sprain your ankle and it’s just too far of a walk home. Then you’ll be happy you brought a credit card for the taxi ride home.

Having a hydration vest makes you a lot more prepared for the run than you would otherwise be without. I am a huge fan of having a vest for all the scheduled long runs during marathon training season. It just ensures that I get the most out of every training and that I can recover as fast as possible for the next run.

But which one should you choose? Well, here are two fantastic options. One is very affordable and one has the newest techs that are available.


Salomon s/lab Sense Ultra 5

The perfect high-end hydration vest for your longer runs.

  • Made to be as light as possible in a super breathable fabric.
  • Two great soft bottles (0.5L) with hard bottoms for easy drinking and bigger openings for a faster refill.
  • Space for a pack jacket in the back.
  • Nine pockets for storage and three secure rooms with zippers for keys and things that should not be lost.
  • Reflective front and back for visibility.

Life Sports Gear Typhoon Vest 5L

Value for money.

  • Very breathable, but with a tiny bit of added bulk compared to the Salomon.
  • Two soft bottles (0.45L).
  • Big open pocket for a wind jacket or a mid-layer.
  • Nine pockets for storage, only one pocket with a zipper in the back, but with the possibility of adding a hydration pack.
  • Reflective front and back for high visibility.

Generally, there are only small differences between these two models, both are great. The biggest difference is in the fabric choice and how much the Salomon vest is optimized to be as breathable and light as possible, the two zip pockets that are easier to access in the Salomon S/lab Sense Ultra 5, and the option for a hydration pack on the Life Sports Gear Typhoon 5L.

And then there are the soft bottles, Life Sports Gear’s is good, the Salomon is freaking fantastic! Not only can it be filled up faster, but it’s also so much faster to drink from, making it easier to drink on the run.

So there you are, two great options for you to consider for long-run Sundays.

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