The Best Treadmill Desks of 2022 – Top Picks by Bob Vila

The Best Treadmill Desks of 2022 – Top Picks by Bob Vila

Whether working from home or from a place of business, sitting at a desk all day can take its toll on one’s health. And while a job change might not be feasible, modifying existing working conditions may be. Not only does movement benefit health, but it can also increase concentration and productivity.

When looking to outfit a work space with fitness accessories, you have options. Experts in ergonomics encourage periodic movement and shifting positions while working at an office desk, which has led to the development of standing desks. Furthermore, as awareness has increased regarding the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle, the under-desk treadmill has recently found its niche among business professionals.

Here are some top products in the category of best treadmill desk:

What to Consider When Choosing a Treadmill Desk

Under-desk treadmills vary in features and functions from the standard treadmills that line the cardio area at your local health club. So whether you’re looking to bump up your step-counting game or are simply motivated to increase mobility during the workday, there are several factors to consider when shopping for the best treadmill desk. Initial features to consider include stowability, exercise modes, and safety features. Below are some not-so-obvious features worth considering as well.


Frame material and frame construction affect a treadmill’s stability. The higher the quality of materials used, the less shaking and vibration a treadmill produces. As well, the quality of the run belt contributes to a treadmill’s stability––cushioning features protect joints from fatigue and a nonslip run surface can minimize the risk of falls. When considering stability, it’s a good idea to think about weight capacity, also. Most treadmills support at least 220 pounds.

Ease of use

Under-desk treadmills are relatively easy to use. With remote or app-based speed control features, you can manually adjust your pace while walking or running. Some treadmills come with preset programs that provide automatic speed control that you can select from based on your fitness objectives.


Under-desk treadmills max out at about 4 miles per hour, which is significantly slower than a standard treadmill’s pace. The reason for that is that the average person can walk comfortably at 1.2 to 1.5 miles per hour while simultaneously engaging in another activity, such as typing or reading. However, there are under-desk treadmills that have both walking and running modes, with speeds upward of 7 miles per hour, allowing for more vigorous fitness training outside of work hours.


Noise is an important consideration, whether one is working at the office or at home. A treadmill with noisy, clanking moving parts can be distracting. A treadmill with a smoothly running belt and a quiet motor should be priority if noise is a deal-breaker. A 2.25 horsepower motor or less is ideal for walking and should keep noise at a minimum––anything greater than 2.5 horsepower may increase the likelihood of noise distractions. It’s important to consider that motors emit different levels and frequencies of sound, depending on their speed. If the treadmill maxes out at 4 miles per hour and that is the desired speed, then the motor might run slightly noisier than when operating at 2 miles per hour.


Adjustability and versatility go hand in hand. Some desk treadmills have adjustable consoles. Lowering the console allows the user to walk on the belt while positioned under a desk, but raising it allows for the user to operate the treadmill at a higher speed for jogging. It’s also good to think about storage options when considering adjustability. Will you need to store your treadmill vertically? If so, looking for an upright folding desk treadmill to slide behind a bookshelf or into a closet is a good idea. However, if you plan to leave your treadmill under the desk or slide it under a sofa or a bed, then nonfolding or flat-folding options might be good choices.

Easy Assembly 

Many treadmills on the market today arrive at your doorstep fully assembled, whereas others may require minimal assembly. Before purchase, consult the manufacturer’s information regarding assembly and required tools for assembly.

Our Top Picks

Based on an evaluation of the above features, brand reputation, and price, here is an overview of some of the best treadmill desks on the market.

Our Verdict

Capable of reaching speeds of 0.5 to 4 miles per hour, we recommend the lightweight Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill. If you’re planning on walking and running at your desk, consider the Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill that goes up to 7.4 miles per hour.

How We Chose the Best Treadmills

We researched the best under desk treadmills in a variety of categories with high customer satisfaction. The list factors in size, speed settings, weight, display, and special features included by the top brands.

The top picks prioritize compact folding models that can be stored away easily after use. Each machine offers up to 7.5 miles per hour for walking and/or running at your desk and weighs between 55.5 and 74 pounds for portability. The selected treadmills have LED or LCD displays, with some options offering Bluetooth connectivity and app control. The list also focuses on models with safety features including an emergency stop and child safety locks. Select treadmills boast special features such as automatic speed adjustment and a shock-absorbing belt.


To get the most benefit from an under-desk treadmill, it’s key to understand the treadmill’s features, functions, and intended use. While consulting the manufacturer’s product insert is recommended and helpful, sometimes a few topics are not covered. So here are a few common questions and answers as an additional resource.

Q: Can anyone use a treadmill desk? 

Walking on a treadmill is a relatively safe activity; however, running and multitasking while walking may require a certain level of balance and coordination. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the treadmill’s safety features and start out at a slow pace. Once you feel confident, consider gradually increasing the speed while adding additional activities, such as writing and reading.

Q: Are treadmills Bluetooth compatible?

Most treadmills on the market are Bluetooth compatible, but be sure to consult the manufacturer’s description to be sure. Bluetooth features include listening to music, taking calls, and pairing with fitness apps on your smartphone.

Q: Do treadmill desks help you lose weight?

The main factor in weight loss is burning more calories than consumed. Daily use of a desk treadmill could aid in weight loss as a part of a weight loss program. It’s best to consult a physician before starting a fitness or a weight loss program.

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