The Best Smart Rings for Fitness and Beyond for 2022 – Zeel

The Best Smart Rings for Fitness and Beyond for 2022 – Zeel

Best for Overall Fitness: Oura Ring Gen3

Touted by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian, the Oura Gen3 ring has research-grade sensors for a complete analysis of your health. It tracks your heart rate, HRV (heart rate variability), skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, sleep, and menstrual cycle and turns them into useful insights that you can put into action for your health activities throughout the day.

Features include:

Overall Fitness Runner Up: Circular Ring

The Circular ring is an all-around fitness ring that tracks your daily activities and health metrics like energy, heart rate, breathing rate, SpO2, and temperature, and it also logs your HRV. Information is captured on the accompanying app which this ring can sync via Bluetooth. Unlike the Oura Ring, which just shows metrics in its raw form, the Circular Ring delivers personalized recommendations on the wearer’s overall wellness and energy based on the tracked data. It also has a native intelligent personal assistant on their app named ‘Kira’ who delivers these tailor-made insights, making it a more personalized experience. 

Although pretty similar to the Oura ring, a stand-out feature of the Circular Ring is a button that can be used to control apps on your smartphone, like changing a song mid-workout. This super light, 4-gram ring is nickel-free (making it hypoallergenic) and can be customized on demand with interchangeable outer shells in black, silver, gold and rose gold.

Features Include:

Best for Health Metrics: Bodimetrics Circul Sleep and Fitness Ring

The percentage of oxygen in your blood (SpO2) came into focus during the second wave of COVID-19, with low readings below 92% on a pulse oximeter indicating a need for medical attention. The Circul ring can track your SpO2 24 hours a day—which would be a difficult feat with a finger clip-based oximeter. This more convenient alternative sends notifications to your connected smartphone app (Circul App) if you have any oxygen or heart abnormalities detected and you can also create your own customizable threshold alerts—which can be useful when you start getting chest pains during a HIIT workout, for example. In Exercise Mode it monitors and records step count, heart rate, calories burned etc. In Sleep Mode it does nighttime blood oxygen, heart rate, ODI and sleep stages monitoring and the tracker report shows you your sleep stages including REM, Awake, Light and Deep sleep. 

Features Include:

Best for Sleep Tracking: SLEEPON Go2sleep

SLEEPON’s Go2Sleep ring is a small and light (0.2 oz.) ring has an exceptional capacity for data collection and insights, monitoring your sleep time, heart rate, HRV (heart rate variability), sleep score, perfusion index, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), and AHI (apnea-hypopnea index). Each metric has its own detailed report presented on independent cards that you can explore on the SLEEPON app. 

Features Include:

Best for Meditation: Dhyana Meditation Ring

This ring is key to providing insights into your HRV, which is essential for tracking breathing, relaxation, and focus during your meditation sessions. The HRV-based biofeedback provides audio and visual guidance to help you avoid distractions and experience uninterrupted ‘mindfulness.’ The Dhyana app invites you to try a collection of different meditation styles based on your metrics, and you can even sync it with your preferred meditations from Calm, Headspace, YouTube, and other platforms. Dhyana is set to release an updated model in 2023.

Features Include:

Best for Music: ArcX 

Some of you might just be needing this basic ring that has no in-built sensors, fitness tracking capabilities, or sleep tracker but has the one factor most important to you: A Bluetooth-enabled joystick that allows you to conveniently skip, pause, and control the volume of your music! In addition to your smartphone, the ArcX can also be paired with other remotely-controllable devices such as Bluetooth speakers, smart glasses, and action cams. This will be a nice way to cycle through your playlist or start recording your biking adventure without having to reach for your phone/camera!

Features Include:


Movano Ring

The much-awaited Movano, with its fashion-focused design measures a range of data, like heart rate, heart variability, sleep, respiration, temperature, steps, blood oxygen, and calories burned. Its release date is set for the second half of 2022, but we’re still waiting on specs like app pairing, battery life and price to get a clear picture. However, its touted health and fitness tracking features and beautifully crafted design make it something to look forward to. 

Ultrahuman Ring

The Ultrahuman Ring is equipped with a range of sensors that monitor temperature, movement, and heart rate to track the user’s stress levels, activity density, and sleep quality. Targeting seniors, it is designed to work together with Ultrahuman’s wearable glucose monitor (CGM) to identify deeper insights like when a poor glucose response could be linked to high-stress levels or insufficient sleep. However, it can be used by itself as a health tracker for all age groups, and its minimal and clean design make it a promising option.

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