The Best Massage Guns for 2022 – National Today

The Best Massage Guns for 2022 – National Today

Best Pick

Theragun Prime Massage Gun

Super-effective and quiet

$269.99 ($269.99 / Count)

Runner Up

Hypervolt 2 Massage Gun

Decent battery life

$399.00 ($399.00 / Count)

Most Cost-Effective

LifePro Massage Gun

Affordable and relatively silent


These products are for people that want to release stress and cure muscle soreness. Massage guns are also used by athletes or sportspersons looking for a way to aid muscle recovery after intense workouts.

What Are Massage Guns?

A massage gun is a portable device that uses vibrations to treat muscle soreness and enhance mobility, as well as aid in muscle recovery. It actually looks like a power drill. Massage guns operate based on a technique similar to tapotement. Massage guns make you feel good by sending vibrations into your body and thus stimulating the nerve endings in your body. Treatment with these guns is sometimes known as vibration therapy or percussive massage treatment.

Health Benefits Of Massage Guns

Massage guns became popular in recent years most especially during lockdown. People are getting massage guns to improve their well-being. Below are the health benefits of using a massage gun:

Massage Guns vs Foam Rollers

This has been one of the most controversial topics in the fitness industry and forums. We will settle this legendary argument right here. Foam rollers have been in use for a very long time before massage guns. A foam roller is a cylindrical tube of compressed foam used for reducing muscle soreness and increasing flexibility.

Is foam roller better than massage guns? No. Massage guns are easy to use than foam rollers. Users have praised massage guns for their pinpoint focus on the desired area over the large surface area usually covered by foam rollers. Foam rollers are also efficient but not as massage guns. Massage guns eliminate muscle knots more easily and effectively than foam rollers.

Massage Guns vs TENS

TENS is used to relieve acute and chronic pains in the body. It’s mostly used because of its immediate pain relief. Unlike massage guns that use vibration, TENS uses electrical stimulation to block pain. TENS and massage guns are different as they are used for different conditions. Many people don’t use TENS because they find it uncomfortable.

It’s not easy to hand pick the perfect massage guns for you and your pocket with different types of massage guns available on the market. To give you a cost-effective and efficient product, we reviewed professional opinions and previous user experience with many massage guns. Professional opinions from gym instructors and massage therapists set us on the right path to gathering these listed options. User experiences and reviews were about convenience, ease of usage, battery life, noise, and effectiveness.

As we scoured through these reviews, we looked for massage guns with exceptional power and RPM (Revolutions per Minute). As we ensured that the power or strength of the massage guns are efficient, we also considered that they are safe to use on your body. As we chase for convenient massage guns, we made sure that they aren’t noisy. A noisy massage gun isn’t good for you!

Across all of your choices, you will discover that battery life is a crucial factor in our evaluation process as keeping you stress-free and making sure your money is spent wisely is our top priority, and, as always, we looked out for the best deals or bargains to find you the most cost-effective massage guns that do their tasks perfectly.

The power or strength of a massage gun is about the amount of pressure a massage gun delivers onto a targeted area.

Revolutions per Minute also known as RPM is the measurement of the speed of the head. A good massage gun is said to have an RPM between 1,740 and 3,000 RPM.

Massage guns are machines and they make noise. In the list that we compiled for you, we consider the noises and pick massage guns that don’t make uncomfortable sounds.

Battery Life
When it comes to machines such as massage guns, the sustainability of the battery matters. We considered the depletion time and charging time of each massage gun and picked the perfect choices for you.

Massage guns may look similar but they aren’t. They have different tips or heads with varying surface textures. The texture may be soft or hard and this determines the intensity of its force.

Additional Attachments
Most massage guns do come with additional attachments. These attachments are usually various heads such as the fork, bullet, cushioned, ball, and flat round.

Yes, the weight of the massage guns you are getting matters. We bet you don’t want a situation where you want to massage a certain area and you end up hurting your hand. For safety and ease of usage, we reviewed the weight of chosen massage guns and made sure they are comfortably portable.

Do not overcharge your massage gun. Overcharging your massage gun deteriorates the battery life.

Avoid high temperatures or liquids near the massage gun. They may affect the performance of your gun.

Picking a carry case for storing your massage gun. If your massage gun doesn’t have a carrying case, get one for it ASAP. It eases the transportation of your massage gun and also protects it.

How often should you use a massage gun?
You can use your message gun several times a day. According to fitness experts, 2-3 times are recommended in a day.

How to clean the massage gun
You can clean your massage gun with antibacterial wipes or a wet towel. If you are scared of using a wet towel, you can clean the moisture immediately with a dry towel.

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