The Best Deodorizers For Your Running Shoes

The Best Deodorizers For Your Running Shoes

What’s that odor emanating from the closet? Oh, it’s just your run shoes! Trapped sweat and warmth make your shoes a breeding ground for smelly bacteria, so the editors tested out these stink-fighting products to see how well they remove the P.U. from shoes.

Foot Sense All Natural Foot And Shoe Powder, $18 For 3.5 Oz.

Remodeez Footwear Deodorizer, $10 For Two-Pack

Arm & Hammer Odor Defense Shoe Refresher Spray, $5.99 For 4 Oz.

If you’re time-crunched to fight the funk in your run shoes, this spray will do the trick—you simply shake the can then spray upside down into your shoes. The baking soda helps neutralize the smell while a mild, slightly floral scent helps replace it. For best results, leave the spray in the shoes overnight.

Mini Moso Bag, $10 For Two-Pack

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