Support our Crowd Funding Efforts on Indiegogo!

Support our Crowd Funding Efforts on Indiegogo!

So, the Indiegogo campaign is still going strong. We are going higher in the ranking on the Technology pages (the category we’re listed on) and we get more and more exposure and support. That said, we still need your help in contributions and sharing the campaign. One way you can help, in addition to contributing and sharing, is leaving a comment on our campaign page!

To do that go to our campaign page (check out the cool widget in this post or on the side bars of this whole website) and locate the “comments” tab. You need to be logged into Indiegogo and you need to have contributed at least 1$ to our campaign to be able to leave a comment but please do so! Every comment helps drive us further up the ranking and if we hit the first page, well… that’s when things get interesting!

We’re counting on our readers to help us 🙂

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