Strength Training for Runners | Fleet Feet

Strength Training for Runners | Fleet Feet

Strength training isn’t just for competitive weightlifters and gym rats. Runners can also see huge gains in their performance from simple (and consistent) strength training and weightlifting routines.

Whether you have access to a full gym with weights or you’re doing bodyweight workouts in your living room, there are plenty of great strength training exercises for runners that will help you topple PRs or just run easier.

Strength training helps improve many aspects of your running, including:

One concern runners have, though, is that strength training will pack on muscle and increase bodyweight. But with the proper strength and resistance workouts for runners, you’ll add lean muscle that will improve your efficiency without weighing you down.

Rather than pumping out heavy sets of bench presses or doing preacher curls until failure, these strength training moves for runners target the essential muscle groups that will make you stronger and faster.

Running also doesn’t work single muscles in isolation; it recruits lots of muscles that have to work together to propel you forward.

Start your strength training routine by doing these workouts twice a week, either on your off days or after your runs if you have some energy left.

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