Stability Ankle Brace – Ankle Compression Sleeve – Baron Active

Stability Ankle Brace – Ankle Compression Sleeve – Baron Active

Next Level Ankle Support

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to ankle support. If you have ever suffered from severe ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, aching arches, sore feet, swollen joints, sprains, strains or painful heels in the morning you know what I am talking about. Although there are some really helpful and quality products out there, and even on our own store, they are likely not the perfect fit for you.

Each foot is individual and has its own characteristics. That’s why we stepped up our compression game and finally came up with a highly effective product that fulfils all needs of every individual’s feet. The result is the perfect fit and adjustable compression to your own liking.

The Stability Ankle Brace provides effective stabilising support that promotes safe and secure healing, faster and safer recovery and much better protection from injuries than most other braces on the market, far beyond compression.

Next Generation Comfort

You may have tried other ankle braces, compression sleeves or compression socks already. The truth is that most of the available products are either too bulky, too rigid or just don’t provide enough support. And if you want to use them with regular shoes, you’ll find out that this is easier said than done, too.

The Stability Ankle Brace solves all of these tasks with ease. You can wear this lightweight brace with any shoe, discretely and almost invisibly. The advanced compression technology provides just the perfect amount of compression and stability your foot and ankle needs. At the same time they almost feel like comfortable socks while relieving joint pain, swelling and discomfort. Truly the best of both worlds.

Breathable, flexible and perfectly suited for an active lifestyle

Made from breathable and elastic mesh fabric, the Stability Ankle Brace still delivers ventilation and flexibility at a high level. That way you can wear the brace all day long and for any activity. Thanks to a non-slip formula, the ankle brace is perfectly suited for sports that are heavily focused on footwork. This includes running, basketball, soccer, volleyball, football or golf.

The Stability Ankle Brace comes with an attachable strap that you can adjust to your own liking. The sleeve itself keeps the ankle in a neutral position. This alone reduces the risk of further injuries, ankle sprains and fractures. But unlike other ankle braces, this one is a top of the line ankle support. You can adjust the amount of compression and stability easily yourself with a premium strap from the mid foot through the arch area. No matter the anatomy or swelling of your ankle, the brace can be adjusted to fit any size or form. For men and women. With Velcro closure, the brace is securely fastened and stays where it is supposed to stay. With just the perfect amount of compression. All day every day.

Easy to put on and off

A lot of other ankle braces and ankle sleeves are hard to put on or off. Some of them even require the help from another person. And that’s certainly not the way we want it, right? The Stability Ankle Brace is super easy to out on and off by yourself. Within seconds. The magic lies in the compression fit technology of the strap. So if you think that you won’t get enough compression with such an easy to out on brace, you will be surprised of how good this brace actually works. The brace is built to last and can be used, washed and reused over and over again. Just put it on whenever you need it and benefit from better blood circulation, reduced swelling in feet and ankles, super fast pain relief associated with overuse or injuries. The perfect compression never felt this great!

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