Referral contest on the B-Shoe Campaign! Win cool perks!

Referral contest on the B-Shoe Campaign! Win cool perks!

Hey everyone! Thanks for your ongoing support and faith in us!

We have 41 Funders already and it’s time to stir things up! We’re having a referral contest!

This is your chance to show your support in another way and win our cool perks!

Each of our 5 most active supporters will be getting a 45% discount coupon for a future purchase of a pair of B-Shoes. This is the perk that usually goes with the $500 contribution!

The referral contest rules:

– Contest starts today, December 18th and ends on December 21st.

– Each referral to the B-Shoe campaign ( will get you a point. When you refer someone, you MUST use the social buttons on our campaign page (see screenshot below). This is how we track it and we don’t want to miss your entries!

– You will be ranked based on how many people you have referred to our campaign, and the combined contribution amount from those referrals.

– Have connections with the media? Good! We’ll give you 500 extra bonus points for getting articles about B-Shoe published in major news websites such as: CNN, BBC, NY Times and leading Medical magazines…

– Top 5 referrers will get the discount coupon as well as a phone call from us and we’ll shout out our thank you all over the net to let the whole world know how awesome you are!



So what do you have to do participate?


1. Log into Indiegogo with your username and password.

2. Go to our campaign page

3. Find the social buttons just below the video (see image above).

4. Use the Share This Campaign URL code or social buttons to share via your favorite networks.



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