B-Shoe’s cutting edge invention has gotten some great reviews! Here is only a partial list of what’s been said about B-Shoe in the press:

  • CNN TechThese shoes will keep you from falling
  • SpringwiseSelf-balancing shoe aims to prevent elderly users from falling
  • TechCrunchThe B-Shoe hopes to prevent seniors from falling down
  • UberGizmo: The elderly do have plenty of things to grapple with, ranging from failing health issues to an ever rising cost of living… Read More
  • Reshet Bet: Interviewed on the radio (Hebrew): Reshet Bet (start at minute 9:36)
  • The Times of Israel: A great piece about B-Shoe on The Times of Israel “… Right now, the only solution for elderly imbalance is a cane or walker – but an Israeli start-up thinks its shoes constitute a better way to prevent the elderly from falling…”
  • Haaretz: Startup of the week: “The smart shoes that will prevent Grandpa from falling”
  • Coolest-Gadgets.com: “…statistics show that one out of three people age 65 and over falls, which ends up in injuries and even death. Having said that, the elderly are recommended to use walking aids such as canes or walkers, but many refuse, seeing them to be symbols of weakness and dependency. How about the B-Shoe then, that does not come with any of the stigma?…”
  • MobiHealthNews: “…The B-shoe (for balancing shoe) is an interesting twist on the concept: Many times, when inventors talk about fall prevention, they’re really talking about gait analysis algorithms that will help keep elderly people and their caretakers informed when they become more likely to fall. The B-shoe, on the other hand, actually has a motor in it that will roll an elderly person’s foot backward to catch them if they start to fall….”
  • MedCityNews: Shoes for seniors go high-tech to prevent falls
  • The Jewish Business News: “In Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins,” the ever-faithful butler Alfred asks: “Why do we fall? “So that we can learn to pick ourselves up,” he then tells Batman. While falling and getting up is a part of life, for the elderly, falling down can mean disaster. That’s why Israeli company B-Shoe has developed a high-tech shoe that can stop a person from falling when they stumble…”