New and Reviewed: Hoka Mach 5 – Women’s Running

New and Reviewed: Hoka Mach 5 – Women’s Running

Now in its fifth edition, the Hoka Mach has made promising progress since its debut, and is fast becoming one of our favorite summer shoe releases. You can’t miss the new, sleek look and eye-catching color combinations of the Mach 5, and there is even more to enjoy beyond the immediate first look.

With a clean, sleek design, exceptional cushioning and a burst of energy in every stride, Hoka’s Mach 5 is equal parts comfort and performance. It’s a lightweight, neutral-oriented cushioned trainer that can either be a fast-workout speed shoe or a smooth-riding  everyday trainer.

It’s a shoe that inspires speed and efficiency by promoting quick-cadence running at any pace, but it has enough cushioning, stability and structure to handle the rigors of long runs, recovery runs, tempo runs and longer intervals.

Hoka Mach 5, $140

What’s New

The biggest updates to the Mach 5 are a new stripped-down, single-layer engineered creel mesh upper and a dual-density hyper-responsive ProFly+ foam formulation. This includes a hyper-responsive supercritical foam just below the foot for energetic pop. The rubberized EVA bottom layer provides a bit of stability and consistency in every stride. The two-layer midsole/outsole chassis serves up a semi-soft/semi-firm sensation with enough cushion to dampen the impact with the ground plenty of springing pop to provide a high level of energy return.

Who it’s For

If you’re the type of runner who prefers to have just one shoe in your quiver, the Mach 5 could be a good choice for you. It has enough comfort, versatility and giddy-up to handle the rigors of all types of workouts. It’s one of the rare shoes that is light and fast enough for 5K racing but cushioned and resilient enough for long training runs or racing at any pace. It can handle shorter, faster intervals, fartlek workouts and tempo runs with ease, but it also feels great at slow, Zone 1 recovery pace.

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It’s rare that a shoe capable of doing everything well — long runs, recovery runs, speed work, tempo runs, intervals — offers so much high-performance zest. Typically shoes with that much energy are found in the racing category and are limited only to fast running.


Bottom Line

Overall, the Mach 5 is a great update to the Mach 4 and especially the Mach Supersonic. The new next-gen foam midsole material changes the game for Hoka after years of having marshmallowy soft midsoles in its daily training shoes. The Mach 5 is definitely a ‘tweener of a shoe, but it can perform reputably as both a daily trainer and a speed shoe for faster workout days.

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