Inner Knee Pain When Running – Back in Motion Physical Therapy

Inner Knee Pain When Running – Back in Motion Physical Therapy

You probably don’t think about how much pressure running puts on your knees. However, that’s likely to change if you begin feeling inner knee pain when running. 

Knee pain is a common issue for runners and for people generally. One study found that about 25% of adults experience knee pain annually, and this type of pain is responsible for about 4 million doctor’s visits every year. Meeting with a physical therapist can help you learn the specific cause of your inner knee pain when running. In addition, these specialists offer effective treatment for many issues that trigger knee pain in runners. 

These three problems could be behind your knee pain when running

How can physical therapy help your inner knee pain when running?

There are many techniques that physical therapists can use to address knee pain. Some of these techniques include: 

Back in Motion offers effective treatment for inner knee pain when running

Tired of feeling inner knee pain every time you go running? Our team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy offers treatment options that can help address your running-related knee pain. First, we can do a free screening on your knee to pinpoint the source of your pain.

Then, our physical therapists will construct an individualized therapy plan for you that’s designed to reduce your pain and prevent future pain. You can even sign up for a virtual therapy or at-home care session with us and treat your pain from home. 

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