How To Shrink Shoes

How To Shrink Shoes Recommended For You 2021

How To Shrink Shoes? It can be not easy to find shoes that fit perfectly and match your style. You can shrink your shoes to make them fit better, regardless of whether they are slightly too big or too small.

You can shrink leather, suede, and canvas shoes by wetting the fabric with heat. Inserts can improve the fit of structured shoes like boots, heels, dress shoes, and sneakers.

How To Shrink Shoes?

It is expensive to have your shoes fixed by a cobbler, especially if you just bought them. It may not be possible to have professional alterations made depending on what type of shoe you are wearing.

These techniques are fine if the shoe size in stores is just a half-size or slightly larger than what you need. However, it is worth considering any size that goes beyond a full shoe size.

1. Identify What Areas to Shrink

First, determine which parts of the shoe fit. A part of the shoe will most likely fit perfectly after you buy a new pair of dress shoes.

It is not a good idea to make well-formed areas of the shoe too small. Instead of focusing on making the shoe smaller, you should focus your attention on shrinking the most affected area.

Try on the shoes to determine if they need shrinking. To prevent slipping when running, do the sides of your sneaker need to be reduced? Do blisters need to be prevented from the toe area? These are the questions to ask before you decide how to alter your shoes.

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How to Shrink Shoes with Heat

2. How to Shrink Shoes with Heat

A little heat and water are the best ways to shrink shoes. Begin by rubbing the desired area of the shoe with water. Be careful not to soak it. You should not let water in the shoe.

Avoid getting insoles wet as this can cause a musty odor, along with mold and mildew. If this happens, we have some shoe hacks that can help.

To shrink the shoes to a smaller size, wet the shoe with a hairdryer. To avoid damaging suede and leather shoes, keep the Dryer at six inches from the surface.

Turn the Dryer on medium heat and rotate the parts until they are completely dry. Then take the boot out of the Dryer and dry it again.

If you have leather gloves that are too large, this method might work.

3. Toss Your Sneakers in the Dryer

To shrink a pair of canvas shoes, you can toss them in the Dryer. Although it is not necessary to wash Vans in the washing machine, it is possible. Use mild laundry detergent, or a homemade cleaner, to clean Vans in your washing machine.

Before you run your shoes through the washer, scrub them with the lemon juice solution. You can also spray them with a little water. To test their fit, run them through the Dryer for 15 minutes.

4. Use Natural Heat to Shrink Shoes

Like the other heat and wetting methods, natural heat can also shrink your favorite pair of shoes. This tactic is more gentle than using the Dryer to dry shoes and boots. It’s safer to use this method on soft shoes such as high heels.

To moisten the areas that require shrinking first, use water from a spray bottle. To warm the dress shoe, place it in direct sunlight. This will help to tighten the shoe as it dries. The heels should not be left out in direct sunlight for too long. These larger shoes may lose their color if they are left out in the sun for too long.

How to Shrink Leather Shoes Properly

5. How to Shrink Leather Shoes Properly

The use of heat to shrink leather shoes, other than the dryer method, is perfectly acceptable. After shrinking your leather shoes and boots, you can add a leather conditioner.

This will preserve the shoe’s high quality by replenishing the oils that have been damaged by heat and water. Use a small amount of the leather conditioner on a piece of cloth to rub the boot’s surface. Pay attention to any areas that have been exposed to heat or moisture for a long time.

Sometimes leather shoes may feel too small. It is as simple as shrinking your leather shoes.

You can use a shoe stretcher to make your shoes more comfortable. Shoes can be made wider or longer to fit a wider foot.

6. Other Ways to Shrink Shoes

It is possible to make large shoes seem smaller by closing off the spaces inside them instead of altering the shoe. To compensate for the extra space, thick socks can be worn.

These extra fluffy clothing items not only provide comfort for your feet but also protect you from blisters. However, thicker socks will not work well with loafers or dress shoes.

You can add inserts to either the bottom or the back of the shoe. The first option raises the foot, which leaves less space between the top and bottom of the shoe for sliding. The second option prevents blisters by leaving less space for the heel to slip from the shoe while walking.

7. Add Embellishments to Large Shoes

You can alter your shoes to adjust the size of your shoes if you feel that inserts or socks are not fitting. You can add a strap to your shoes to keep them in place. This may take some time and might require you to visit the cobbler.

An elastic band can be added to the heel for soft materials such as ballet slippers. This is done by sewing a small amount of elastic around the heel. It will cause the elastic to tighten up as the elastic snaps back. To ensure the correct size, hold the bands in place using safety pins.

8. How to Shrink Leather Boots

You need to know that leather boots can’t be altered without the assistance of a cobbler. To fill in any extra space, thick socks are your best option.

Patent leather shoes are the only type of leather boots that will not shrink in size. This is a more powerful method for leather boots that are susceptible to shrinking.

If your boots or shoes are getting dirtier after shrinking, you might wonder how to clean them without damaging the leather. This simple yet effective cleaning and conditioning recipe will help preserve leather.

How to Shrink Leather Boots


1. How do I make my shoes smaller?

Depending on the material of your shoe and the type you need, there are many ways to shrink your shoes.

To shrink leather shoes, you can submerge them in water, then wear them with wet socks until dry.

To shrink your canvas shoes quickly, you can put them in the Dryer.

Spraying suede shoes in specific areas with a spray bottle and then using a blowdryer to dry them at a low setting (at least 6 inches) should work.

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2. What can I do if my shoes are too big?

You can shrink your shoes if they are too big or not fitting well in certain areas.

3. Can you shrink vans?

Vans are canvas shoes that can be easily shrunk in the dryer/washing machines. You can make them smaller by spraying only certain areas with a spray bottle or blow dryer.

4. Do shoes shrink in the washing machine?

Shoes shrink when they are dry. If you plan to wash your shoes in the washer, don’t let them shrink.

To retain their size and shape, dry them by air-drying them. If you don’t want your shoes shrinking, you can put them in the Dryer. They will shrink in no time.

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All of the options above work equally well. However, it will depend on which shoe and material you need to shrink and your comfort level.

It would help if you did not dry any patent leather footwear in the Dryer. It is almost impossible to reduce the size of patent leather properly. Therefore, you will need to cushion them with insoles or cushions.

Any of the above shoe shrinking methods should be simple enough to do at home, regardless of your hesitations. These methods do not require any special skills or equipment. Most people can try them without additional equipment.

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