How To Polish Shoes

How To Polish Shoes Recommended For You 2021

How To Polish Shoes? Well-polished shoes not only improve your appearance but also extend the life of your footwear. It’s not something that middle school students learned to do, and many parents didn’t feel the need to teach their children how to shine shoes.

People all over the globe are prone to walk out of their homes in shoes that are not suitable for lasting impressions.

How To Polish Shoes?

There are many questions Bshoe gets about how to best polish leather shoes. There are many ways to do this. Many companies will base their recommendations on the brand of shoe care products they sell.

Some people are capable of completely changing the look of a pair of shoes. They even take shoe care to an art level. While we won’t go into too much detail, there are simple steps you can take to maintain your leather shoes’ fine appearance, prolong their life, and ensure they continue to provide excellent service.

Shoes made of shiny, polished leather are relatively easy to clean. A damp cloth followed by wax polish is enough.

The treatment of suede (and nubuck) is different. This article will discuss that.

Full-grain leathers, such as calf skins, require more care, but they will provide superior comfort, a better appearance, and a longer lifespan. Here’s a quick guide to caring for fine calf leather shoes.

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Cleanse and moisturize

1. Cleanse and moisturize

Leather is like skin, so it’s important to care for it. To maintain good shape:

  • Insert wooden shoetrees.
  • Remove the laces to ensure that they don’t get polish on them.
  • Remove any dirt or dust from the shoes using a horsehair brush (we recommend Jason Markk).

You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to help you with the stitching. Wrap an old cotton T-shirt around your index, middle, and thumbs and apply small amounts of leather conditioner in slow circular movements.

Pay particular attention to any creases caused by walking or to the shoe. This will soften the leather and repair any cracks. Let the shoes dry for a few moments.

2. Apply the polish

A wax or cream polish can restore the leather’s color and luster after being exposed to the elements. Pick a color that matches the shoe but not too light. If you are unsure about the leather’s reaction to the color, test the leather on the inside of your heel.

Apply the polish to a second strip of T-shirt Cotton in the same circular motions. Use a horsehair brush to buff the shoes and let them dry for a few more minutes.

Glaze the leather

3. Glaze the leather

Stage two is where most people stop. However, if you want to get a military-style shine, you will need some “spit and polished” (water and wax). Add a small amount of water to the top of the wax polish tin. Apply the wax polish to a new piece of cotton by wrapping it around your middle and forefinger.

Dip your fourth finger in the water before applying the polish. Use the wax polish to rub the drops into the leather. You want to use very few water droplets and wax polish.

This will allow you to polish the leather quickly and effectively. You want to fill the leather pores to achieve a smooth, glass-like finish. This will give the leather a mirror sheen. As you add layers of wax, this takes patience and a lot of time.

To finish the leather’s shine, use piece nylon (or a pair of stockings if they are available – we’re just not judging). You can now admire your work by replacing the laces.

Military Shine?

Everyone who has served in the military will tell you that spit and polish are the best way to clean your sneakers. But, do these shoes need to be cleaned so often? You can make your shoes shine however you like, but it is a good idea to clean them. Here’s how you do it.

As usual, follow the three previous steps. Next, apply a few drops (or spit!) of water to the leather. Then use a soft cloth to rub the polish into the leather in a circular motion.

You want to use the polish to water the leather and fill in the natural grain, so it is completely smooth. It would help if you only used a little bit of polish and water. However, you can apply several layers of this method. Finally, polish the shoes using a soft, clean cloth. This process will shine the leather, not the leather.

You can achieve a high gloss shine with enough patience and some elbow grease. You’ll see a better result if you’re patient and put in enough effort.

Do you need a brush to polish your shoes

Do you need a brush to polish your shoes?

Regardless of whether you opt for a stiff-bristled brush or an old T-shirt, we do highly recommend purchasing a long-bristled softer brush to help clean any excess polish on the shoe. It’s also a great idea to have a spare cotton rag or chamois cloth on hand to give a polished shoe a quick wipe down once finished.

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How do you revive dried shoe polish?

Fill the bottom pan of a double boiler about three-quarters full of water. Put the top pan of the double boiler on top of the bottom pan. Place the polished tin in the bottom center of the top pan. Turn the heat up to about 50%, and let heat until the wax melts (this is where the IR thermometer comes in handy).

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