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How To Pack Shoes Recommended For You 2021

Looking for tips on how to pack shoes and make the most of your luggage space? This is why you should read this post.

When I talked to friends about packing, I noticed that most people stack their shoes on top and pack them together. While it works, it’s seriously inefficient. They don’t realize how much space they are wasting.

So I decided to share my tips and tricks to help you pack your shoes well and make the most of your luggage space.

Naturally, Bshoe will discuss How To Pack Shoes (boots and sneakers, flip flops and heels, etc.). This is a helpful guide!

How To Pack Shoes

1. Get rid of the ones you don’t wear

You have probably got a lot of shoes that you haven’t worn in years. Why not just box them up? Don’t pack shoes that will be left behind in your new home. Instead, make a move an opportunity to get rid.

You can either drop them off at Goodwill or another charity that may need them, or Soles 4 Souls will help you find a place to donate them. If they aren’t in great condition, make sure you recycle them instead of throwing them away.

Stuff each shoe with a pair of socks

2. Stuff each shoe with a pair of socks

You can help your shoes retain their shape by rolling up a pair of socks and stuffing it at the toe. You may need to add another pair depending on the style and shape of your shoe.

This will not only protect your shoes from being damaged in transit but also helps you pack your socks. Are you reading this too late? Have you already packed your socks? Also, you can stuff your shoes with clean packing paper or plastic wrap.

3. Box up the nicer pairs individually

While you may not be too worried about your old sneakers being damaged or scuffed during a move, the same cannot be said for your expensive heels or perfectly polished loafers.

To protect your favorite shoes, box them individually and wrap some packing paper around them. It’s okay if you don’t have the original boxes that the shoes arrived in. You can buy basic cardboard shoe boxes in multipacks or small plastic bins.

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4. Tie sneakers together by the laces

Shoes like sneakers are most likely to be thrown in a container or box together. Keep pairs of shoes intact by tying the laces. You won’t have to dig through the pile looking for a shoe’s match if you need one.

5. Pack a few essential pairs in their box

You don’t often need shoes as one of your first items unpacked. As long as you have your essentials, you won’t be likely to be in dire need of any other pairs. You should still make sure you have at least two or three pairs of shoes that you can reach during unpacking.

For the move, you’ll likely wear sneakers, so make sure you have a pair that you can easily slip on and off, a pair you can style with at most a week’s worth of work clothes, and a pair you can use for any outings.

Pack out of season shoes separately

6. Pack out of season shoes separately

Shoes are usually at the end of the packing schedule, so don’t waste your time with them. You can organize winter boots and slippers if you are moving in the summer.

Set aside a separate container for flip-flops and sandals if you are moving in winter. Don’t worry about not getting to the box within the first few weeks. Or if it takes you a while to get to it.

7. Only use clean packing paper

Although newspaper can be used as a substitute for packing paper for other household items, it is not recommended for shoes. Stains can be left behind by newspaper, colored tissue paper, and used packing paper.

To ensure your safety, you should only use new packing paper to wrap your shoes. You can also use clean paper towels.

8. Use tea bags to keep shoes fresh

To allow shoes to air out for a night before packing them, let them air dry to help release any lingering odors. If shoes have an unpleasant odor, you can freeze them to kill any bacteria. You can also keep shoes fresh by putting unused tea bags inside. They can be used under socks to stuff them.

9. Pack heavy shoes on the bottom

If you are using plastic containers or laundry baskets to transport your footwear, ensure that you only put the heaviest and bulky shoes on the bottom. This will help to balance the weight and make it easier and safer to transport. You could also endanger the delicate shoes if you place heavy shoes on top.

Use bubble wrap instead of plastic bags

10. Use bubble wrap instead of plastic bags

Avoid wrapping your shoes in plastic bags. They can easily tear. Plastic wrap is much stronger and provides greater protection. It’s best to wrap it around buckles and heels. Be sure to dry your shoes before wrapping them. Plastic can trap moisture and cause mold.

It is always smart to take the time to pack your shoes properly. You may also need tips for packing other items. For help packing your home, visit our Planning and Packing section.

11. Other Tips For Efficiently Packing Shoes In A Suitcase

Here are some other tips to help you pack your shoes well and make the most out of your suitcase.

Consider your outfits before you choose shoes. You will need to bring one pair of casual shoes (sandals or sneakers), one pair of formal shoes, and flip-flops or slides for the beach. You won’t have to worry about choosing shoes that match your clothing. You will also have more room in your luggage to store other items.

When you travel, always wear your bulkiest shoes. This is easy to remember: wear your bulkiest shoes on your flight or ride, so you have more room in your bag for clothes and other items.

It would help if you had a variety of shoes. You can wear casual or formal shoes in various styles, including sandals, dress sneakers, espadrilles, and ballet flats.

If the weather changes unexpectedly or you want to take a hike, a sturdy pair of sneakers is a great option. Do not pack shoes you don’t think you will wear. Only pack shoes you know you will wear.

Take into account how you pack your clothes. Although this is a completely different topic, it is important to maximize the space in your luggage. I prefer to roll or fold my clothes the KonMari way.


Where do you put shoes in luggage?

Should you pack shoes first or last?

Get Packing

Pack as many socks and undergarments into your shoes as will fit, then set the shoes in the bottom of the bag. Congratulations! This is the first layer of luggage. On top of your shoes, lay down a layer of heavier rolled items—jeans, sweaters, etc.

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It can seem tedious to pack, store, and plan to move your shoes to your new home. Your shoe collection will not be damaged during the transition if you take extra care and give your shoes some protection.

Things can get lost or damaged when moving. These simple steps will help you pack your shoes safely for the move. They will get through the move, into your new home, and back to your feet without any problems.

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