White shoes attract dirt, and mesh shoes absorb almost all substances they come in contact with. It may not be as difficult as you think to keep your white mesh shoes clean.

You only need to use a few materials to keep your white mesh shoes looking great, from summer slip-ons to athletic footwear.

Below are 2 easy steps on How To Clean White Mesh Shoes. Get outfit inspiration! Shop our top picks, because Who What Wear is not complete without some accessories.

How To Clean White Mesh Shoes?

1. Cleaning Mesh Shoes Manually

Mix 1 teaspoon (4.9 mL) dish soap and warm water.

Warm water should be poured into a bowl. Allow your rag to dry in the bowl. To ensure uniform consistency, gently stir the detergent with a spoon.

Make sure your cleaning solution is not too soapy or sticky.

Bleaching agents can cause discoloration and damage to certain materials.

Please take off the shoe’s laces and then stuff it with a clean cloth. Please take off the shoes’ laces and use an absorbent cloth to stuff them in. This will absorb any liquid that gets into the shoe during cleaning. You will have some resistance while you scrub the shoe’s surface.

Microfiber clothing is best for maximum absorbency.

If you don’t have any extra clothes, stuff your shoes with a piece of paper towel.

You can soak your laces in warm water, and 1 teaspoon (4.9mL) dish detergent if they are stained. After soaking them in warm water, use a soft-bristled brush to clean them.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the shoes of any dirt or debris. A soft-bristled, lightweight shoe brush can be purchased at a shoe shop. The brush should be held perpendicularly to the shoe. Use short, gentle movements and light pressure to remove any dirt.

Use less pressure when working with heavier materials like leather than you would for leather.

For an alternative, replace your shoe brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Use a soft cloth to clean your shoes. Use a soft cloth to dip into the cleaning solution. Use the cloth to scrub the shoes’ surface using circular motions and gentle pressure. You can use the cleaner to scrub more difficult areas, such as grass stains or embedded dirt.

To get rid of dirt, rinse your clothes in warm water.

Rinse the rag and clean the shoes’ surface once again. After cleaning your shoes with the detergent solution, soak your cloth in your rinsing bowl and squeeze it out. To remove soap residue, scrub the shoes again.

To get rid of soap residue, make sure you squeeze the rag once more over the cleaning solution.

Use disinfectant cleaning wipes to clean the shoes’ midsoles. The bottom of your shoes can be bleached, but not the top. Use disinfectant cleaning wipes purchased at a local home improvement store to clean the bottoms. Use firm pressure to clean the bottom of your shoe.

Use cleaning wipes only on the soles of your shoes.

You can also use 3-4 drops of bleach to wet a piece of paper towel if you don’t own cleaning wipes.

If you already have one, use it. These products can be purchased at big boxes and home improvement stores.

For 24 hours, air dry your shoes in a cool and dry place. You can dry your shoes in an indoor space like a shed, hayloft, or outdoors in the shade. Avoid garages as they don’t allow for enough airflow. Also, never dry your shoes in a basement.

When your shoes are dry, stuff them and tie the laces.

To increase airflow and reduce drying time, place an electric household fan near your shoes.

2. Using a Washing Machine

Take the laces out of your shoes and place them in a sock. Begin by removing the laces at the top of the shoe, closest to your leg. Next, work your way to the tip.

Once you have removed your laces, you can stuff them in a sock. This will allow you to wash them separately from your sneakers. Secure the sock’s end with a lace, elastic band, or lace.

Do not remove shoes with laces that pass through plastic loops to hold them in place.

Put your shoes in a pillowcase. Twist the ends. To secure the end, place all your shoes in a pillowcase of whatever size you have. Then wrap a rubber band around the twisted end at least twice more depending on its thickness.

To make it snugger, fold the end that is twisted in half and wrap the rubber band around it.

A pillowcase can usually hold 2 to 3 pairs. You can put as many as you like, but don’t stuff it too tightly.

Not all shoe materials can go in the washing machine. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Put your shoes and laces in the washer with detergent. Place your pillowcase, shoes, and socks in the washer. To prevent bags from hitting walls, wrap rags around the bags. Last, add 1 cup of your favorite laundry detergent.

Wrap the edges of a top washer equipped with a turbine with a towel.

Use “Delicate” or “Cold” to wash your shoes. Move the load size dial slightly to the left of the “Medium” setting and press the “Cold”. Next, change the spin mode to “Delicate” and select the “Normal” setting. Double-check all settings, then turn on the washer and wait!

For mesh shoes, always use the “Delicate” (or for older washers, the “Knits Gentle”) setting. This reduces the amount of agitation and prevents it from stretching.

Dry your shoes in the air for at least 1 day in a dry, cool place. You can dry your shoes indoors in a shed, hayloft, or other outdoor areas that have enough shade. Avoid storing your shoes in a basement and garages as they don’t allow enough airflow.

To speed up drying and increase airflow, you can place an electric fan in front of your shoes if you have one.

Do not dry your shoes in the dryer. This will cause damage to the mesh material.

Before drying, remove the shoes from the pillowcase.

After drying, tie the laces to your shoes.


1. How Can I Protect My White Mesh Shoes?

There are many ways to protect the white mesh from damage.

First, avoid bleaching because the fabric is delicate.

Use mild soap and warm water. If you notice discoloration, spray vinegar on the area and let it dry.

Sprinkle baking soda on the insole to prevent bad odors

2. Can You Put White Mesh Shoes in the washer?

Yes, your mesh shoes can be washed in the washer.

The washer should not be used frequently as the heat from the machine could cause the material’s breakdown.

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3. Should I Dry My Shoes Out in Direct Sunlight?

Your shoes should not be left out in direct sunlight to dry. Exposure to too much sun can cause discoloration.


It’s not difficult to clean white mesh shoes, as you can see.

Follow our tips, and your favorite shoes will stay clean.

You don’t have to worry about getting stares or glaring glances. Now you can wear your stylish, fashionable shoes every day without any fuss.

These hacks can be tried today. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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