Half Marathon Pace Chart (Miles and Kilometers) – Run to the Finish

Half Marathon Pace Chart (Miles and Kilometers) – Run to the Finish

One of the big questions we all face is selecting our goal half marathon time. Figuring out a solid race pace is part of the training process, but this half marathon pace chart can give you a starting point.

Each chart is going to list your average pace per mile or per KM, to provide a correlated finishing time.

The great thing about this is that for most runners, a steady even pace from start to finish is the best way to achieve a Personal Best or finish the race feeling strong. Which is one reason, a half marathon pace chart can be a great help!

Starting faster than goal pace, almost always leads to falling off in the later miles. So try to find your goal pace and start there, then pick it up at mile 10 if you’re feeling strong!

But before we get in to the weeds on that, let’s dive in to these charts in both mile and kilometer pace.

After the chart are a number of half marathon training tips to help you figure out your goal race pace and more!

Half Marathon Pace Chart

The following paces are providing in average mile time. Find your goal finishing time, to see the goal per mile pace.

Or start with your current long run pace to see where you might finish.

Remember these half marathon pace charts are not taking in to account any specific type of course (hilly, lots of turns, hot, snowy). It’s truly assuming you’ll find that average pace from mile 1 to mile 13.1.

Should I Use a Pace Calculator?

I just prefer the pace table because it makes it so easy to see how a little shift in pace can have a big impact on your half marathon finish times. I mean 10 seconds could mean the difference between running a sub two half marathon and running just over it!

How to Use Pace Charts?

The first column is your pace, the following columns are the total clock time you’ll have at each check point (known as splits) to reach your goal finish time.

You can start by figuring our your desired specific finish time and then work backwards to the target pace you should be using for goal pace and threshold training runs. Just remember you are NOT running that pace for all runs.

Or you can take a look at your current long run pace and use that to see how long a half marathon will take you to run.

A half marathon pace chart is just one tool to help you find the right race pace!

Make sure your training is in line with your big goal.

Are you going easy enough on your long runs so that you can go hard on your speed days?

There’s so much more to marathon training than just setting your goal!

Half Marathon Race Day Tips

Let’s look at some additional tips to work on helping you utilize the marathon pace chart. Here we’re focused on all the race day tips and trips that will help you reach your goal.

KM Half Marathon Pace Chart

For our friends outside of the US, let’s talk about your kilometer pace to predict your half marathon finish time. It doesn’t change the 5K or 10K check in times.

The follow chart uses avg KM time to find your half marathon finish time.

No matter what your marathon finishing time goal is, these charts should help you find your pace. They have stopped at just over 3 hours because that is the cut off for the majority of races now.

However, if you know that it will take you longer to finish don’t let it discourage you!

There are some with longer cut offs and plenty of ways to keep building on your endurance to meet these cutoffs. As a running coach, I’ve helped many runners get through that fear of not finishing with a good training plan!

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