Free Half Marathon Training Plan for 3M Half Marathon

Free Half Marathon Training Plan for 3M Half Marathon

12-week half marathon training plan to get you ready for 3M Half Marathon

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Train with a pro

Matthews is a world-class triathlete, winning or placing at numerous IRONMANs and 70.3s. He broke onto the triathlon scene at the 2014 IRONMAN Asia Pacific Championship in Melbourne. The native Australian finished second in his home country with a time of 8:02:14. He ran the marathon portion of the triathlon (final portion) in 2:44:09! During the marathon, he averaged 6:26 min/mile after swimming 2.4 miles and cycling 112 miles! His coaching style provides athletes with a blend of training knowledge he’s learned first-hand. Matthews also includes lessons he’s been taught from other world-class runners and triathletes.

This downloadable plan is geared for runners who want to complete their first half marathon or set a new PR. You can customize this training plan yourself by adjusting the specific workouts and their days to fit your busy life.

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