Fall Prevention – Why it should always be on your mind

Fall Prevention – Why it should always be on your mind

Fall prevention is something that occupies the minds of care givers, physicians, physiotherapists and concerned family members all over the world. You see, everyone falls. We’ve all fallen at least once in our life but as we grow older so do our chances of falling increase.

Falling is no fun. Getting up is sometimes hard and more often than not, especially when dealing with people over the age of 65, falls cause severe injuries, require hospitalization and sometimes corrective surgeries and joint replacements.

If you read the news you must have some idea about the costs of hospital care, surgeries, post-op care and admission to assisted living facilities. If you have an elderly parent or relative, friends or even if you are over 65 years of age yourself, then fall prevention should be on your mind.

There are many ways to encourage fall prevention but all of them are about teaching people how not to fall or if they do fall, how to fall “correctly” to minimize damage and get up quickly. There are the physical therapy lessons, the special gymnastics, food supplements and diets and of course the assisting aids such as canes and four legged walkers.

But how much of that really works? The sad truth is – nothing. While fitter people may fall less they still fall. The risk is still there and as they get older it increases. Most people who are recommended to use the assisting aids by their doctors, refuse to do so on account of being perceived as weak and dependent. We all like to look, feel and act young. Most of us will keep up the act, even as bodies betray us…

So what’s the solution, if there even is one? Right now there is no solution for falls. None of the existing methods actually prevents falls. They can delay the fall, decrease the damage, alert when it’s happening but it all ends there.

This is why we made fall prevention our primary goal when we developed our smart fall prevention solution. The B-shoe is the only thing in existence to date that actually prevents the fall and regains balance for the person wearing it. At the moment they are only testing prototypes but we hope, with the help of the public, to make the leap and finalize them enough to go on mass production.

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