Correr in Spanish: Conjugations, Meanings & Uses

Correr in Spanish: Conjugations, Meanings & Uses

In this short guide, we will cover the following topics for ‘Correr’ in Spanish:

What does ‘Correr’ mean?

Here are some of the most common ways to use ‘correr’ in Spanish. Notice that, depending on the context, this verb might have different translations. 

‘Correr’ Conjugations 

‘Correr’ is a regular verb in Spanish. This means that you’ll remove the ‘-ER’ from the infinitive form of the verb and add the endings shown below. However, to conjugate correr in the future and conditional tenses, we won’t use a stem. Instead, we’ll just add the appropriate endings to the verb in the infinitive form.


Correr Subjunctive Conjugations


[‘Correr’ conjugated] + [preposition] + [complement]

No + [‘correr’ conjugated] + [preposition] + [complement]

How to Use ‘Correr’ in Spanish with Examples

There are two main ways in which we can use ‘correr’ in Spanish:

In the sections below, I’ll provide you with a detailed description of how to use correr in Spanish. Make sure to take a close look at the structure and follow the examples so you can create your sentences. 

To say ‘to run’

Talking about kicking out or firing someone

‘Correr’ also describes that a person was either fired from their job or that he or she was kicked out of a certain place. With this meaning, ‘correr’ means ‘to fire’, to dismiss’, ‘to expel’ or ‘to kick out’.  

[Direct object pronoun] + [‘correr’ conjugated] + de + [noun]

Correr Expressions & Idioms

Synonyms of ‘Correr’ in Spanish

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