BluMill Loopband Treadmill + Bluetooth User Manual

BluMill Loopband Treadmill + Bluetooth User Manual

BluMill Loopband Treadmill + Bluetooth User Manual

Please ensure you read the User Manual and Safety Instructions carefully prior to operating this treadmill.


You should consult a physician before beginning any exercise program this is especially important if you are pregnant, sick injured or have a pre existing medical condition.

If whilst using the treadmill you feel dizzy, faint, short of breath or any pain
STOP using the treadmill immediately and consult a physician.
When using electrical products, you should follow normal safety procedures, especially if there are children or pets around.

  • Place the treadmill flat on the ground away from water and heat.
  • Avoid placing the treadmill on thick carpet – it should be placed on a flat clean surface allowing air to circulate around it freely to avoid over heating the motor.
  • To fold and unfold the treadmill, refer to the Folding Instructions section below.
  • To turn on the treadmill, connect the power cord to the wall and turn on the red On/Off switch at the back of the treadmill and avoid sharing the power outlet with other electrical products.
  • Grounding electrical equipment is important and reduces the risk of electrical shock. The electrical cord and plug provided with the treadmill are grounded therefore a grounded power outlet must be used to avoid injury.
  • Always check the running belt alignment each time you use the treadmill -the running belt will move to one side with use – to align the running belt correctly and tighten it when it becomes sticky under foot and loose, refer to the Belt Alignment section. It’s important you do this correctly to avoid injury.
  • To start the treadmill, place the safety key on the yellow circle on the Control Pad and attach the clip to your clothing. Note, the treadmill will not start unless you place the safety key on the yellow circle.
  • START the treadmill at the lowest speed and hold onto the hand rests. Note, there should be a 3 second countdown before the running belt begins to move.
  • In the event the treadmill malfunctions, PULL the safety key from the Control Pad – the treadmill will stop immediately, turn OFF the red  power switch at the back of the treadmill, disconnect the power, and contact the customer care team for further instructions.
  • Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your treadmill and prevent injury – refer to the Troubleshooting section.
  • Always use proper lifting techniques and/or assistance when lifting or moving the treadmill to avoid injury.
  • Never leave the treadmill unattended or plugged in especially if there are young children around.
  • Always turn the treadmill OFF at the wall and remove the plug when it’s not in use – this applies when you are cleaning or moving the treadmill.
  • The treadmill is not suitable for children under 14 years of age or for people with physical conditions unless supervised by an adult.
  • The treadmill is designed for home use only and should only be used indoors in a clean dry area.


This product is not intended to be used by persons including children with reduced physical abilities unless supervised.

If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, agent or a qualified person in order to avoid injury or damage.

FitShow App Installation

  • Android
    Download your favorite application from Google PlayStore.
    Download your favorite application from the AppStore.

Check if your mobile device reflects the requirements of the application.
The requirements are indicated within the Google PlayStore or the AppStore.

How to use the App

Please understand that we are not able to offer you a complete operation guide of application inside this manual, as the app will be updated from time. This process can make changes to the operation or the design of the application.

Please refer to the instructions inside the specific app download store or contact us.



  • Model: HSM-T09D5
  • User Manual
  • Handrests with padded foam
  • Hand Pulse
  • Running surface 100*34CM
  • Speed range: 1-10KM/H
  • 12 pre-set programs / 1 manual
  • 4 Speed Quick Start Keys
  • Fitshow APP
  • iPad Holder
  • 2 Water Bottle Holders
  • Safety Key (emergency stop)
  • Manual Incline(3 levels)
  • Transport wheels
  • Easy to Use Control Pad displaying Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Pulse and Pre-set Programs


Remove the treadmill and other components from the packaging – save the packaging until you have fully assembled and tested the treadmill. Note, returns must be returned in the original packaging for safety reasons.
If any of the components are missing, damaged in transit or simply  don’t work, please contact the Customer Care team immediately for further instructions. Note, do not try to resolve any issues yourself as this could lead to further damage or injury.

  • Treadmill Frame
  • Handrests, Control Pad and iPad Holder
  • Tool Kit


  • Allen Key x 1
  • Safety Key (emergency stop) x 1
  • Decorative Handrest Cover x 2
  • Safety Locks (to fold and unfold) x 2
  • Control Pad Locks x 2


5 easy steps to assemble your treadmill then you’re ready to workout.

  • Step 1
    Place the Treadmill frame on the ground, pull the spring cotter to open the frame upright.
  • Step 2
    Screw the safety lock in place to keep the frame upright and secure.
  • Step 3
    Screw off bolts/washers on two stand columns ,fix the handrests and Control Pad onto the stand columns, using the bolts/washers to fix and place the decorative covers over the bolts.
  • Step 4
    Screw off the small silver bolt on the backside of control panel. Mounting the control panel Align the control panel and iPad Holder with two black screws, screwing in place tightly by hand. WARNING – Internal wire, do not rotate the control panel!
  • Step 5
    Connect the Control Pad signal cable (A) to the signal cable on the frame (B).


After using, unscrew the safety lock on the bottom frame and place it in the safety lock holder, fold the treadmill and pull the spring cotter out from the upper frame and release to lock the treadmill in an upright position.

Release the spring cotter and lower the bottom frame to the ground. Screw the safety lock to the bottom frame to lock the upper frame in an upright position.


Safety key
To start the treadmill, the Safety Key must be attached to the Control Pad (yellow circle) and your clothing. Note, the treadmill will not start unless you do this.
You can STOP the treadmill at any time by pulling the Safety Key off the Control Pad – the treadmill will STOP immediately.

Starting the treadmill
Turn the power on at the wall and turn the red power switch on at the back of the treadmill and place the Safety Key on the Control Pad.
Now press the START key – the Control Pad will beep and the LCD display will light up – the treadmill is now in Standby Mode.
Now select the Manual Mode or a Pre-set Program by referring to the instructions below.

Selecting the PRE-SET programs
There are 12 pre-set programs for you to choose – refer to table below and the Charts on the Control Pad to determine the degree of difficulty for each program.

Note, a 3 second countdown will begin each time the program is ready to change speeds. During speed changes, hold onto the handlebars to ensure you won’t fall off from the running belt and pull the Safety Key to stop the treadmill if you feel unstable or fall. Note, the speeds for the pre-set programs are fixed and cannot be changed.

The speed changes every time interval as per the table below (the time interval depends on the time you set)

Manual Mode
To select the Manual Mode, press the MODE key.
Use the Speed + and Speed – keys to change the default TIME or DISTANCE.
Now press the START key and a 3 second countdown will begin.
To change the speed, use the Quick Start Speed keys or the Speed + and Speed – keys.

Stopping the treadmill
To stop the treadmill at any time, simply press the STOP key or remove the Safety Key from the Control Pad.


The treadmill running belt has been pre-lubricated prior to leaving the factory. With use the running belt will move to the left or right and become loose. In order to protect your investment and prolong the life of your treadmill it’s important to know how to lubricate, tighten and align the running belt correctly. For this reason, refer to the instructions below.

Lubricating under the running belt will ensure superior performance and extend its life expectancy. After the first 25 hours of use (or 2-3 months) apply some lubricant, and repeat for every following 50 hours of use (or 5-8 months).

How to check running belt for proper lubrication
Lift one side of the running belt and feel the top surface of the running deck. If the surface is slick to the touch, then no further lubrication is required. If the surface is dry to the touch, apply some lubricant.

How to apply lubricant
Lift one side of running belt.
Pour some lubricant under the centre of the running belt on the top surface of the running deck. Run on the treadmill at a slow speed for 3 to 5 minutes to evenly distribute lubricant.
NOTE: DO NOT over lubricate running deck. Any excess lubricant that comes out should be wiped off.


We strongly recommend you check the alignment of the running belt when you take it out of the box to ensure it has moved during transit and before or after each workout to avoid injury. Adjust the left and right sides at the same time to keep the running belt tight and centered.




With use, the running belt will become loose. A simple way to check if the running belt is loose it is will bunch up in the middle of the belt. If you are running on the belt and it feels unstable (wobbly) or your feet are sticking to the belt, STOP the treadmill immediately and tighten the belt to avoid injury.


Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your treadmill and prevent injury. We strongly recommend that you do the following on a regular basis.


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