Best Women’s Running Shorts in 2021 – Insider

Best Women’s Running Shorts in 2021 – Insider

For women, finding shorts you love is hard, period. Make that a great pair of running shorts and the search feels near impossible. You need a pair that doesn’t ride up or slip down and won’t squeeze in the wrong places. It’s also smart to wear something that keeps you cool by wicking sweat from your body so those miles under the sun aren’t harder than they need to be.

As an avid runner and personal trainer, I know this struggle firsthand. I also know that wearing clothes that keep me going, instead of holding me back, is vital. That’s why I tested 13 shorts to find those that feel soft and breathable, stay in place, and look flattering, too.

To me and most runners, the key features are a barely-there feel for hot days, the right fit at the waist, and, of course, a pair I’m not constantly adjusting. I’ve also found performance fabrics, like moisture-wicking materials and quick-dry properties, as well materials that feel cool to the touch, are especially helpful for super sweaty running.

Here are the best women’s running shorts:

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