Best Running Shoes for Beginners | Fleet Feet

Best Running Shoes for Beginners | Fleet Feet

If you’re reading this, chances are you decided to start running this year (or decided to start running again).

But we’re here to talk shoes. Specifically, running shoes that are great for new runners. Finding the right running shoes can give you the confidence you need to try something new and stick with it.

You’re more likely to want to run when your shoes fit well and feel comfortable (and look good); if your toes are squished into the front of the shoe, you won’t want to put in the miles.

Whether you’re a beginner, you’re looking to start back up again or you’re setting a goal to run your first race this year, it can be hard to know what you need to look for in a pair of trainers. To help you find the perfect gear to start running this year, we picked this list of the 10 best running shoes for beginners in 2022:

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