Best Phone Holders & Armbands 2022 | Buyers Guide – Fleet Feet

Best Phone Holders & Armbands 2022 | Buyers Guide – Fleet Feet

A perfect run can make you feel like you’re carrying nothing at all. These phone holders for running will keep your gear secure and let you forget about holding your smartphone.

If you like to bring your cell phone with you during your run to listen to music, map your run or for safety reasons, you’ve probably been mildly frustrated with the task of carrying your bulky phone along. Feeling like your form is lopsided or constantly alternating between which hand to hold your phone with can be distracting and energy-wasting.

Large enough to fit your iPhone or Android, these convenient phone carriers for running will let you forget about your smartphone during your run or walk, so you can listen to your perfectly curated playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, coached workouts or fitness apps hassle-free. If you want to jam out on your run without the irritating wires or sweaty earbuds falling out, snag a pair of wireless running headphones.

Log your miles with the top armbands, belts, straps and cases. We’ve picked the best phone holders for running so that you can tune in or zone out during your run:

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