Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support Review 2021

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support Review 2021: Recommended For You

You will get a bad ankle strain (or worse, an ankle fracture) if you play enough basketball, no matter if it’s a pick-up game or a pro league match. It’s a fact that there is no other way.

The rebound is taken, and you land on the opponent’s foot. You immediately have to hold your ankle. There are several ways to lower the risk. The most important is to wear a basketball shoe with proper ankle support.

Most people recommend the high-top shoe when choosing the Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support. The evidence is not in favor of the high top. Low-top shoes can be just as effective at stabilizing your ankle after landing awkwardly.

How do I find a shoe with a lot of ankle support?

What other options are there if high-tops don’t work?

Lateral Outrigger

The lateral-outrigger, an extension of the outsole on one side of the shoe, increases the width and adds stability. The outrigger provides a wider base that makes it more difficult for your shoes during crossovers and hard cuts. A Crazy Explosive 2017 video shows a lateral-outrigger.

Tough upper material and great lockdown

Look for shoes that lockdown your feet securely and stop side-to-side movement. You should ensure that the shoes fit snugly and that the upper material can hold your feet, even when you move aggressively.

Nike Lebron Soldier 14

Top 16 Best basketball shoes for ankle support

1. Nike Lebron Soldier 14

Although the Lebron Soldier 14’s traction is quite good, it takes some time to get used to and doesn’t last very well outdoors.

Reviewers loved the forefoot Zoom unit, but they felt that court feel and heel cushioning could have been better.

These materials are very nice for the price, and they conform well to your feet. They also offer good ventilation.

It fits true to size and is close to 1-1 in terms of fit. They were difficult to put on initially, and some reviewers didn’t like that the shroud was over the laces. They are supportive once they’re on and hold your feet in place.

Overall, the LeBron Soldier 14 is an excellent performer for a fair price. It’s also a lot of fun to play in.


  • Very supportive
  • Massive forefoot Zoom unit


  • Inconsistent traction
  • Cushion for the heel

2. Air Jordan 35

The Jordan 35’s traction is identical to the 34’s and performs as well. The Jordan 35 will provide you with great stopping power and grip. However, don’t forget to take them outside.

This shoe cushioning is made even more comfortable by adding a Zoom Air unit at the heel.

These premium materials have a great mix of old and new textiles. They can be breathed in and do not require breaking in.

This support is better than the 34. It has good stability and lateral containment.

Overall, the Jordan 35 is a great performer and well worth the high retail price.


  • Amazing cushion set
  • Very supportive


  • Get around the arch/heel.

3. Nike Lebron Soldier 13

Sneaker testers love the Lebron Signature model with laceless.

The upper material is durable, comfortable, and offers a lot of lockdowns. This is partly because the straps are very effective and don’t come apart.

The simple solid-rubber herringbone pattern of traction is deep and attracts very little dust. It works well even outside.

Some people like the Zoom units in the forefoot and heels, while others prefer a more comfortable design.

Overall, the Lebron Solider 13 has no real weaknesses and is an excellent all-rounder.


  • Amazing traction
  • Very supportive


  • Comfortable cushioning might be better

4. Adidas N3XT L3V3L 2020

Although the traction of the N3XT L3V3L 2020 was improved over the previous version, there were still some dust issues.

Reviewers were impressed by the cushion’s impact protection and responsiveness.

It is also very comfortable to wear, with an all-knit upper. It’s easy to wear the upper, and it conforms to your feet.

It fits well but is a bit too long at the toe. It is recommended that you reduce half the size.

The support was great, and reviewers had no problems laterally or in their heels.

The N3XT 2020 L3V3L 2020 is an excellent upgrade to the previous model. It’s also $30 cheaper, so it’s worth considering if you enjoy the fast play.


  • Upper with laceless design
  • Reliable and plush cushioning


  • Dust can cause a loss of traction
  • It’s hard to get started

5. Nike Kyrie 6

The Kyrie Signature Series is known for its great traction. The Kyrie 6 has incredible stopping power and is no exception.

The Kyrie 6’s Phylon cushioning feels much more comfortable than previous models. Additionally, the Zoom Turbo in its forefoot is a lot more responsive.

They are soft and comfortable and offer a lot of support for quick movements and cross-overs.

The Kyrie 6 is a progression of the Kyrie 5, with many small improvements that make it a great shoe, probably the best Kyrie yet!


  • Amazing traction
  • Nike Zoom Turbo cushioning


  • It runs smaller than other Kyries

6. Jordan Why Not Zero.3

Russell Westbrook’s third signature sneaker remains as flashy and stylish as his playing style. But how does it perform?

Mixed reviews are mixed about the traction: it is great on clean courts but can cause problems on dirty courts due to lateral cuts.

The forefoot Zoom Air unit provides a responsive ride, and the foam in your heel offers solid impact protection.

Although they don’t look or feel premium, the materials are more efficient and perform better than the older models.

Thanks to the traditional lacing system and midfoot strap, large Achilles pillows, support, and lockdown are excellent.

The Why Not Zer0.3 is an evolution of Russell’s signature series. It will be a great choice for explosive players who are looking for a well-balanced sneaker.


  • Big Zoom Air unit in the forefoot
  • Models are less bulky than the previous models


  • Lateral sliding in dusty courts
  • Materials feel cheap in-hand

Air Jordan 34


7. Air Jordan 34

Jordan Brand chose to focus less on their retros with the XXXIV and instead focused on making a lightweight, high-quality performer. They succeeded!

The AJ34’s traction is a herringbone traction design that works in all weather conditions.

Although the cushioning isn’t as soft as it was in older models, it’s still comfortable and offers a well-balanced ride.

These materials aren’t expensive, but they’re flexible, lightweight, and breathable.

The AJ34 is lighter than other Air Jordans, but it still provides stability and support. This is due to the Eclipse plate in midfoot and the wide, stable base.

The Air Jordan 34 is a phenomenal performer and the best Air Jordan since AJ29.


  • Super soft and bouncy cushioning
  • Herringbone traction stops at a dime


  • Retail price prohibitive

8. Jordan React Elevation

The Jordan React Elevation’s traction is excellent on both indoor and outdoor courts. No matter where you play, they have you covered.

React foam in your heel and Zoom in your forefoot create an extremely comfortable cushion. It also provides excellent court feel and impact protection.

They are not crazy, but they do the job well and offer good support.

The lacing system is very secure, and the reviewers were impressed with how true-to-size it was.

You should not have any problems with stability or lateral containment.

The Jordan React Elevation is a great performer and a good value for money. These were a lot of fun to play in, according to reviewers.


  • Amazing cushion set-up
  • All surfaces are suited for traction


  • Materials may be more expensive

9. Nike Lebron 17

Lebron 17 basketball shoes are among the most expensive on the market. Does it justify its $200 retail price?

The opinions of reviewers on the traction were divided: Solebrother said it was “god-levels”, especially for a translucent rubber pair. At the same time, Nightwing2303 disliked the solid white rubber even on clean courts.

Everyone loved the cushioning. The cushioning comprises a large Max Air unit at the heel and Zoom in the forefoot. They provide excellent impact protection and bounce.

Knitposite’s new upper material is thick and soft but can get quite hot after a while.

The Lebron 17 is a fantastic shoe, especially if you’re a heavier player who wants a supportive and comfortable shoe.


  • Amazingly comfortable cushioning
  • Premium upper materials


  • Retail price of $200
  • Heavy

10. Nike Renew Elevate

The Renew Elevate budget model is among Nike’s most affordable. Does this reflect in its performance?

This traction pattern is great for indoor and outdoor courts. You will need to clean your courts from time to stop the accumulation of dust.

There are two opinions on the cushioning system: One reviewer said that the Renew foam was soft, bouncy, and provided enough impact protection. Another thought it was too firm.

Mesh materials are cheap-looking but offer enough support to be comfortable and provide sufficient comfort.

You get a decent performer for $80, comparable to the KD Trey 5 VIII but with a bit more support and lower material quality.


  • The traction pattern is strong and reliable.
  • Materials for supportive uppers


  • Materials look and feel cheap.

11. Nike Men’s Shoes Zoom Freak 2, Black

The Nike Zoom Freak 2 in Black has extra responsive cushioning and Zoom Air under your feet. This will help you extend your energy around the court. While the upper primitive lacing keeps you comfortable and secure when you move around, the Nike Zoom Freak 2 in Black is designed to provide additional cushioning.

The outer toe is covered with molded TPU. This helps stabilize your foot during the Euro step and any other quick-thinking moves. It is lightweight and flexible, allowing for speed, power, mobility, safety, and security. It is very durable, but it will get a little dusty. It is also very good for indoor courts.

It is a clear improvement from the previous model, and it is very affordable without any binding weaknesses. It fits true to size and is extremely comfortable. You won’t regret buying a pair of these ankle supports.

The Nike Zoom Freak 2 shoe is quite snug. These shoes are true to size, so people with wide feet don’t have to worry about them. The most recent technology infests it. It uses pressurized and tightly stretched fibers that absorb impact and gently push back to speed up movements and reduce stress on joints, muscles, and tendons.


  • Zoom Air cushioning
  • Molded TPU
  • Clip for the rubberized heel
  • Lace feeds that are symmetrical
  • Indoors: Best


  • Insufficient ventilation

Nike Men’s Shoes Zoom Freak 2, Black

12. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Best Ankle Support Shoes.

Dame 5 is a valuable package that uses bounce cushioning to provide ankle support and impact protection. This provides a longer feeling of compression to the ankle, and it does so without any suffocation. This pair includes a wide outrigger that is ideal for providing support to the ankles.

The outsole is made of thick rubber and features a herringbone pattern. This allows you to get in the field, indoors or outdoors, easily.

The shoe is a bit longer than normal but has a normal width and some dead space at its front. Even with the dead space, this shoe still has an incredible performance profile. It locks your feet down and prevents your foot from sliding.

The shoe’s synthetic leather and suede options are acceptable, even though you have to look at its material. The shoe is a compromise between court feel and impact protection. It’s safe for all types of maneuvering and positions. You can play outdoors without worrying about dust and moisture.

The Dame 5 shoe is a fantastic choice. It is extremely comfortable and nice. It’s slightly longer at the toe and has more volume than the toe. This makes it the perfect shoe for people with wide feet. These shoes are perfect for outdoor activities. The shoes are a great combination of impact protection and responsiveness.


  • Greater traction control
  • Greater durability
  • Amazing impact protection
  • Excellent lockdown and compression
  • There is no suffocation.


  • Fit takes a little while.
  • Dirty courts?

13. Adidas Crazy Explosive Shoe Men’s

Most ankle Supportive Basketball Shoes

The Adidas Crazy Explosive Shoe has a unique design and provides ankle support. These shoes are made mainly of synthetic fibers and textiles, which allows for flexibility. It has modified laces at the upper that holds your ankle tight but comfortable.

This shoe’s extraordinary gripping ability on all sides of the court is its best attribute. This feature prevents athletes from slipping and twisting their ankles.

This shoe’s high-top cover protects against injuries and prevents unwanted stretching of the ankle. Players can now jump and land in a whole new way thanks to the high-quality cushioning at the heels and toe box.

The rubber sole beneath the shoe provides a firm grip on the surface, allowing the player to move confidently. Because of its high-top and inbuilt design is one of the best basketball shoes to support your ankles.

The shoe is very traction-friendly and ranks among the best basketball shoes for support of the ankle. The shoe has a high-cut top. They are not designed to be closed at the top. These shoes are best used indoors.


  • Great gripping.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Good traction control
  • Tech laces
  • Mesh-synthetic


  • Rigid heel

14. Nike Air Max Command Men’s Trainers

High Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

The Nike Air Command shoe is a classic shoe design, but it’s infected with the most recent technology. This shoe is a symbol of confidence and protection for the ankle. All protocols for the safety and protection of your ankle are reflected in the shoe.

It has a high cut that allows for freedom to turn and twist in the court. Even softer cushioning provides extra protection against impact upon landing and prevents distress.

This product has a very high rating for its material. It is not only stylish but also increases the durability and life of the shoes. This patterned classic is at the top of its class in height, which guarantees ankle support.

Their midsoles are filled with pressurized gases and have flexible urethane pockets that provide cushioning underfoot. Because of the shape of the sole and the ample padding at the heel, they are great for running. These shoes are lightweight and very comfortable.


  • For hours of comfort, it is light and comfortable.
  • Soft cushioning
  • Leather usage
  • High cut
  • For players with flat feet.


  • It could be a bit more.
  • Inner stitching irritation

15. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

Curry models by Under Armour are designed to provide ankle support. Curry 3 is one of its most important innovations. It uses a large network of threads of high quality and high tensile strength. This shoe is as supportive as any player could want.

The herringbone pattern provides outstanding traction control. This product’s trademark is its induction of carbon fiber which gives it a firm grip.

It provides a firm grip and increases confidence by providing support for the ankle while the player jumps, lands, and makes lateral moves. It is wider than the average shoe and provides more stability on the court.

These shoes, even with a larger base, are light and comfortable. The shoes have a cushioning system that absorbs impact to provide a better landing, and the midsole has charged foaming, which adapts to fast moves and provides impressive jumping. This shoe has a snug fit, which fits the ankle well and comfortably.

The shoe provides a responsive feel on the court, with a lighter weight and constant traction support. This shoe is ideal for quick guards. They are highly recommended and will hug your feet like custom shoes. These shoes are ideal for long walks and prolonged standing.


  • Threadborne and supportive
  • Broader base
  • Carbon fiber from Meta-Wing
  • It has a great deal of traction.
  • Foaming in the midsole
  • Cushioning with charged charge


  • High price tag

16. Nike PG 3 Tb Paul George Basketball Shoes

The Nike PG series is synonymous with dedication and commitment. This shoe is a versatile and all-purpose option that reflects Paul George’s connections. This shoe is more responsive because it has light-foamed forefoot and forefoot Zoom Airbags.

Innovative circular traction patterns have been added to the shoe by the manufacturer. They provide a multi-directional grip and aesthetic appeal. PG 3 is well-known for its snug fit and true to size. Additional features include free-floating forefoot wings that lock in the fit.

The overall weight of the product has been decreased by removing unnecessary items. The upper is made up of mesh and synthetics, with an extended collar. This product is light, responsive, and safe, which has made it a hit with everyone.

The PG3 offers everything you need in a low top at a lower price than the average. The traction works well thanks to soft rubber, good depth, and multi-directional coverage. Three things provide support: the lockdown of the lacing system and the internal heel counter. The lateral outrigger provides stability.


  • Innovative circular traction design
  • High, sturdy, and hard.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Super-soft uppers
  • Zoom in the forefoot.


  • The foam may be less durable.
  • A budget shoe with more features

Do high-top basketball shoes prevent ankle sprains


1. Do high-top basketball shoes prevent ankle sprains?

High tops wrap around your ankles, so they should logically offer more support than low-tops.

But not so fast! Scientists have not found any difference in the frequency of ankle strains between players who wear high-top basketball shoes and those who wear low-top ones.

You won’t roll your ankles if the collar is too high. Another study found that players who wore low-top shoes with laced ankle stabilizers suffered the least injuries.

Read also:

2. Should basketball shoes be tight or loose?

For greater comfort and support, the shoe should be slightly looser in the toe and slightly tighter in the heel.

3. Should I buy basketball shoes a half size bigger?

You can choose half the size of your foot is wider. Otherwise, most basketball shoes should fit you exactly.

4. Do basketball shoes make you play better?

A good basketball shoe will give you confidence and enhance your performance on the court.

5. Should basketball shoes be tight or loose?

For greater comfort and support, the shoe should be slightly looser in the toe and slightly tighter in the heel.

6. Should I buy basketball shoes a half size bigger?

You can choose half the size of your foot is wider. Otherwise, most basketball shoes should fit you exactly.

Final Verdict

The Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support are designed to offer maximum traction, stability, and support. However, if the shoe doesn’t fit properly, all of these features will be lost, leaving no performance.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at basketball. You should make sure that you test the shoe to ensure you have a great game. Visit Bshoe to read more information.

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