BENEFITS OF SQUATS | Care2Cure Physiotherapy & Rehab Center

BENEFITS OF SQUATS | Care2Cure Physiotherapy & Rehab Center

Squat is a type of exercise which builds the muscles of thighs, hips and buttocks. It is a vital exercise for enhancing the strength and size of the legs as well as developing core strength. It is basically used to tone back, thigh and hip stability.

Squat is one of the best physical exercises which promote mobility. It helps you to burn fat. It is the powerful way to boost your overall fitness. It is simple to perform and needs no equipment.

Adding squats in your routine life is important. The benefits of squats are as follows:-

Squat is the best exercise for toning your lower body. There is no shortage of variations to make them more challenging. Using weights with squat is a way to mix it up. It adds resistance to your glutes, hamstrings and thighs. There are many equipment options are available to use while performing basic squats.

Squatting is an exercise which has many significant benefits of our health. You can perform squats easily. Doing squats daily is beneficial for your body. It keeps your body active and energetic.

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