Validation/Verification Testing of the B-Shoe in a Gait Laboratory

The operation and performance of the B-Shoe (validation/verification testing) were tested in a Gait Laboratory under conditions that emulate imbalance and in situations where elderly people may fall. The laboratory is equipped with a moving platform on which test subjects stand. Imbalance conditions are generated by moving the platform floor while people are standing on it. The platform is capable of moving in 6 degrees of freedom, three translation motions in all directions and three rotations. A system of cameras tracks and analyzes the test subject’s shoes and body responses in three dimensions. The platform is equipped with pressure sensors that provide information on the foot’s position and the pressure forces it induces on the ground. The tests compare how people respond to imbalance when using normal shoes and the response while using the B-Shoes. Standard backward pull tests were also performed as normally done by Doctors that examine suffering patients.

The recording shows the translation perturbation generated by the platform in the forward and backward directions and the translation of the B-Shoe relative to the platform. The test also measured the position of the center of pressure of the B-Shoe on the floor. This reflected the sway of the person while trying to maintain stable standing. Addition plot shows the energy of the sway by calculating the square of the sway amplitude and averaging over time to smooth the instantaneous response.


Validation/verification testing in the Gait Laboratory were successful. B-Shoe functioned  as expected.

Technical Report
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