B-Shoe is the only fall prevention solution in the world. It is also a fully connected wearable (IoT) solution.

B-Shoe – The wearable (IoT) solution that keeps you from falling

Bshoe Connectivity - iot, wearable & smart fall prevention solution

B-shoe Connectivity: IoT, wearable & smart fall prevention solution


B-Shoe combines:

  • Sensors for alerting about imminent fall (or a fall that already occurred)
  • Storage: Data collection & storage (for purposes of research and improving care)
  • Analysis: Big Data analytics

B-Shoe therefore allows for:

  • Better safety, stability freedome of mobility and balance
  • Better home care for elderly or disabled people
  • Better adherence to care and therapy (allowing people to stay independent and take an active role in their own care)
  • Connectivity between patient & caregiver (doctors, family members, emergency first responders)
  • Big Data collection & analytics (for research and improvement of care)