We’ve been getting many emails since we built this new site and most of the questions are about where and when can the shoes be purchased (thanks for the vote of confidence!) and about investment opportunities in B-Shoe Technologies. So we decided to put up this FAQ page to make the information available to all!

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    Where can I buy the shoes?

    At the moment the shoes are working prototypes only. We have several prototype pairs which are used for testing at the Gait Laboratory in one of the leading hospitals in Israel. We hope to be able to go on mass production as soon as possible so shoes will be available for purchase.
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    When will the shoes be mass produced?

    We are currently seeking investment that will allow us to complete the regulation process, miniaturize the entire mechanism and start mass production. We estimate about 2 years for this to happen,
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    How can I help B-Shoe?

    Right now, the best thing you can do is support our fund raising efforts. We are looking for investors and / or strategic partners. If you are an investor, check out our Investments page.