A $6 Armband Solved One of My Biggest Problems With Running …

A $6 Armband Solved One of My Biggest Problems With Running …


Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to run outside more. Compared to using a treadmill, running outside builds more muscle, gives you more energy, and can reduce your risk of injury long-term. And it beats staring at a blank wall for 20 minutes.

The first thing I noticed about this armband was how secure it kept my phone. I’ve seen options that are essentially iPhone cases slapped onto a stretchy band, but this one was clearly designed for paranoid runners, so I don’t have to worry it falling off my arm and onto the hard pavement. The zippered compartment comfortably fits my iPhone 6S and a credit card and has a clear, touchscreen-friendly cover, so I can easily change songs or answer an important call. Right next to the phone pouch is a slim slot that’s perfect for storing a set of apartment keys.

The band is made of a plush neoprene that wraps snugly around your arm and doesn’t weigh it down. In fact, I almost forget I’m wearing it. Thanks to its adjustable Velcro closure, it can accommodate both small arms and bulging biceps. If your arms are bigger than the loosest setting, you can buy an extender for the band. 

With this armband, my things stay put and I can focus on running instead of juggling my phone and keys. Best of all? It’s only $6.

And with over 950 reviews on Amazon and 4/5 rating on the site, you don’t only have to take my word for it:

“I have been using this armband almost daily for an entire month,” one commenter said. “I run at least 3 to 5 miles every time I work out and sweat a lot, but I have yet to see any damage to it. I have also been lifting at the gym and my arms have been getting bigger, but that does not impede the armband from perfectly fitting my arm.”

“This [armband] has been going strong for roughly eight months, averaging about 20 miles a week so it is definitely getting a fair amount of use,” said another. “It fogs up slightly when it rains but my phone has managed to remain undamaged. There is slight wear and tear, but that is kind of the point of it being used. I fully expect this to last another year at a minimum.”

A third commenter summed it up by saying, “This is the only armband I would ever recommend.”

There are tons of armbands out there, so finding one that matches your budget and expectations can be difficult. Whether you’re an avid runner or finding your footing like me, this affordable, comfortable option has my vote. 

Minisuit Sporty Armband Key Holder for iPhone 7, 6S, and 6, $5.95

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