8 Best Running Shorts with Phone Pocket 2022 – Run to the Finish

8 Best Running Shorts with Phone Pocket 2022 – Run to the Finish

One of the things that makes people laugh is my confession of running around with an empty hydration pack largely because it provides an easy place to hold my phone. But I’ve now compiled a stockpile of running shorts with pockets for phone that I feel good using and recommending!

One of the things I love most is new running gear. I mean it gives me an excuse to go run the second that I open it and of course in this job I have the honor of testing out a lot of things.

When it came to this list, I had some key requirements of my own and from talking with you about a good pair of shorts:

Why You Want Running Shorts with a Phone Pocket?

Did you know that carrying your phone in your hand while running could be changing your running form? That’s right.

Carrying something whether a phone or handheld water bottle, flips our hand to the side so your thumb is now pointed towards your body. As a result you end up crossing your arms over the center line of your body while running.

It’s slowing you down and causing pain in your hips by twisting your body.

Now that being said, we absolutely want to carry our phone! It’s got apps to track how far did I run, it’s got safety features and of course all our favorite running podcasts.

8 Best Running Shorts with Phone Pocket

Over that last few years the number of options has increased significantly! I’m thrilled by this turn of events and have tested out a wide variety of running shorts to see which ones actually do what they promise.

All testing was done with a iPhone Pro, but not an iPhone Max. In mast cases the slightly larger phone should fit when it’s a side pocket. However, the iPhone Max may not fit in the waist level pockets.

Additionally, all of the running shorts are designed to be moisture-wicking, so that isn’t listed it’s assumed.

Because our focus is on storage and pockets, you aren’t going to see split shorts or things with a brief liner like Nike because they don’t have enough structure to hold up the weight of a phone.

If you’re not someone who loves shorts, but needs pockets checkout the BEST RUNNING LEGGINGS with phone pocket!

All shorts are linked below. I was not paid for any of these reviews, but may receive some pennies if you order through and affiliate link.

Best Overall Running Shorts For Women with Pocket

This is actually what I’ve worn for my last 4 or 5 races! I’m a shorts girl and love that I can put my phone in one leg pocket and a flask with some pre-workout or fuel in the other side.

These shorts also have a 4.75 inch inseam, which is something I prefer with my long legs. It means they don’t ride up and I don’t feel like my bum is going to fall out, ha!

The material is thicker, which doesn’t bother me, but does mean it’s WET when I finish my sweat session. These are a non-stop recommendation among many women I run with, so they have a stamp of approval.

Now I admit  I have not tested these yet, but based on my experience with the jogger and some other styles below this is on my MUST list. Instead of holding the phone on the side of your leg, you can actually put it in the waist band.

It’s a bit like having a FlipBelt on, except it’s part of your shorts so no worries that it will wind up riding up! These are also the 4.75 inch inseam, which again I’m an extra fan of on race day when I don’t want anything to chafe.

Most Pockets Running Short

I think especially with the phone pocket it just helps to  ensure it stays in place and the shorts stay down. These are also a high waist for those who love that look and have a waist pocket along with the side pocket for your phone.

I got these in RED for my next race because there are studies showing that when you where red you run faster! It has to do with some triggers in our brain and hello I will take all the help that I can get!

Super similar overall, just a slightly different fabric and zippered back pocket. They only come in the 8 inch length, but also appear to be the direction that Lulu is going so you’ll have a better chance of finding your size.

Best Backside Phone Pocket

Coming in as a surprise winner is Tracksmith! Not because I didn’t think the brand was great, but looking at the shorts I thought NO WAY is a phone going in any of those pockets.

Wrong. The back pocket comfortably fit my iPhone and I had no issues with the shorts feeling like they were pulling down on a 6 mile run.

Best Bum Sculpting Running Shorts

Maybe it’s not just that I like the longer for less chafing, it’s that these are the only ones with enough material not to fall down once you put in a heavy phone!

One of the things I’ve found with Sweaty Betty is they focus on the fit and how it’s going to look. They wan you to feel like your bum is lifted and your tummy is tucked. Everything is all held together!

So if you’re looking for a little extra sculpting, you’ve got it here!

Plus they are high quality and will last a long time.

Shortest Running Phone Pocket Shorts

If the standard longer shorts aren’t doing it for you, then good news I’ve tested out these and found them to work just as well.

These are jut under a 5-inch inseams, which still isn’t short, but is long enough to just squeeze your phone in to the side pockets and know it’s staying put, not bouncing out.

Best Plus Sized Running Shorts for Women

I love that the back pocket is big enough for your phone. So you can place it there or along the leg. It’s something I found useful when testing out running leggings with phone pockets, but didn’t find as much in shorts.

The compression fit is going to make sure these don’t move around, while still looking stylish and super soft.

Best Men’s Running Shorts With Phone Pocket

Knowing this an issue for David, I’ve done some hunting. Here’s what it really comes down to if you’re doing any kind of distance running…

The running shorts need to have the tight compression liner so that it can sit against your skin to hold the phone without pulling your pants down. We’ve tried other pockets and the bounce is painful on the leg or well you’re ready to moon the neighborhood.

You may notice that budget running shorts with a phone pocket are not listed. That’s because so far in my testing the result was shorts that got pulled down, stretched out or simply weren’t flattering. If you’ve found some though, definitely share so others can test them out!!

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