7 Best Flat Feet Running Shoes 2022 – Run to the Finish

7 Best Flat Feet Running Shoes 2022 – Run to the Finish

Finding the right shoes and feeling comfortably supported should be your top priority if you have flat feet.

One of the things that lead to injury for many runners is overpronation, which is when the arch falls in causing the ankle to roll in as well and sending strain up to the knee and hip. The best running shoes for flat feet can help with this.

As always, I’m also a big proponent of learning to do exercises that will help your body become stronger and not rely on the shoe to do things for you.

If you don’t then over time you’ll create new areas of weakness and only mask issues for a little while. Flat feet are one exception because it’s usually a structural issue and not say weak hips.

I wrote a previous article with all the exercises and tips you need to know about running with flat feet. Today we’re to diving in to my top recommendations from 7 different brands.

You’re definitely going to find the right flat feet running shoes for yourself here! Let’s just get a couple quick things defined before we talk about shoes.

What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, means that the entire sole of the foot touches the ground.

Often this is felt in the ankles, knees and hips making running more uncomfortable.

Each time the foot rolls inward, it pulls the knee in pulling tendons, ligaments and joints out of alignment.

For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to the type of shoes that are most suitable for flat feet. You could also look to a good running insole for support if you’ve found a shoe that you already love the feel of, but aren’t getting enough support.

Types of Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Stability Shoes

They’re known to deliver sufficient arch support without the added stress, and more cushioning than a neutral shoe would offer.

Motion Control Shoes

These shoes are meant for runners who have severely fallen arches, or those with rigid flat feet. These shoes restrict improper movement when running and offer strong arch support.

They’re known to help alleviate pain and discomfort by giving the most amount of stability needed to minimize arch flex and inward ankle rolling, as is the case with severe overpronators.

It’s MUCH harder to find motion control shoes now. I generally do not recommend them to the majority of runners because they can  be stiff and feel like too much correction.

Running Insoles

As noted this is another really good option. In fact, David was resistant to changing shoes, but was starting to have Plantar Fasciitis issues and knee pain.

In testing a few different styles here is what we found:

7 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

It’s important to not only know what type of flat feet you have, but to also consider how your entire body moves. This includes your hips, knees, and range of motion. If you only focus on the feet rolling in due to flat feet, but actually have week hips then you may find they continue to roll in despite adding more arch support.

I absolutely recommend going into your local running store and trying on some shoes to see which one best fits your needs.

Asics for Flat Feet

Its DuoMax Support System is the perfect fit for you if you overpronate since the firm sponge layer in the midsole helps your foot land in a more neutral position.

If in the past you’ve found the Gel Kayanos to be bulky, then the 28th version is here to change your mind. It has a redesigned, three-layer midsole that feels soft, bouncy, and supportive but also lightweight at the same time.

The shoe has been designed to be a stability shoe for overpronators, but it’s highly popular for high-mileage neutral runners as well.

New Balance for Flat Feet

While New Balance is largely known for having extra widths to accommodate wider feet, they do have a great option for flat-footed runners as well.

A combination of hard and soft rubbers on the outsole of the Fresh Foam 860 imparts grip, while the firm midsole is useful at runs of a higher pace.

Their latest V12 delivers an identical ride to its V11 counterpart, with great improvements to its upper. It’s now made of a single-piece mesh that’s also embroidered for visual as well as functional effect.

The breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool and secure, and the cushioning is second to none.

There are A LOT Of fresh foam numbered shoes, so note that the 880 is neutral cushion. The 860 is the stability option.

See current colors and pricing at Road Runner Sports (join VIP for instant discounts) >>
See pricing on Amazon (I’m seeing cheaper options, but returns may not be as easy) >>

Brooks Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Brooks has several running shoes that offer great stability including the super popular Brooks Adrenaline GTS, but specifically for flat feet, there’s a lot of hype around the Brooks Beast.

It accomplishes this balance by mimicking the curvature of your feet so that they’re incredibly easy to slip on and feel spacious, seamless, and secure when you run.

It can be classified as a cushioned shoe with sufficient arch support, and a filled-up under-arch area or high midsole sidewall.

There is no medial post in these shoes, Instead, there is the Brook’s GuideRails®, which are a set of raised barriers on either side of the midsole that support throughout to provide stability.

Its broad midsole provides plenty of support and the insole is thick enough to be replaced with a custom-made orthotic if that’s something you’re planning to do.

Its 12 mm heel drop makes it higher than others. I generally do not recommend shoes that are over 8mm because it leads to heel striking and IT Band issues. However, if you have Achilles issues it can be beneficial.

It’s important to note that the Brooks Beast is probably not one of their most stylish shoes if that matters to you. Personally, I just want to stay injury-free, so I care very little about the look.

See men’s available at Dick’s Sporting Goods >>
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Nike Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Nike doesn’t make a lot of stability shoes, but they do have the Infinity React Run Flyknit and Zoom Structure. As someone who is on my 7th pair of the Epic React Flyknit, I can say without a doubt that the cushion in these is amazing.

It’s considered a supportive-neutral running shoe and is best for runners that have flexible flat feet. When you want some support, but don’t want to opt for stability or motion-control shoe.

It features midsoles with triple the density of most running shoes and provides runners with insole foam midfoot and a sturdy foam wedge at the heel. All this while still ensuring breathable mesh uppers.

It ensures that the feet are cool and dry, while still ensuring a secure fit. It includes Nike’s waffle texture, which provides runners with solid traction on any running surface.

The React Infinity Run has a movement-responsive structuring of the front which provides flexibility in speed as well as comfortable cushioning without excess bulk.

Saucony Running Shoes for Flat Feet

For many years I ran nearly every race in the Saucony Kinvara, which is the polar opposite of a stability shoe. It’s a more low profile minimal shoe and yet I see many folks with low arches end up in a shoe like this. It might initially feel good to not have the arch support, but your body will thank you for picking a shoe with it.

The Saucony Guide often comes up for stability, but the Hurricane is going to provide you with the most support for flat feet.

It has a form-fitting upper which feels like memory foam and helps

Hoka Running Shoes for Flat Feet

If you’re a runner with slightly wider feet, this might be the best shoe for you with its open construction and roomy forefoot section. It’s definitely one of a kind when it comes to stability shoes with its lightweight construction and responsive cushioning.

Featuring a minimal design, the shoe provides plenty of midfoot stability and also extra shock absorption for flat-footed runners when needed. It’s a breathable mesh upper makes it a great choice, and it has a low 5mm drop.

Its structured heel cup helps guide the feet through a smooth gait.

Find current models and sizing at Dick’s Sporting Goods >>

Mizuno Running Shoes for Flat Feet

The design is sleek and includes a breathable mesh upper, which keeps your feet dry. The U4ic midsole feels incredibly smooth and allows for a stable ride with its impact-absorption capabilities.

It’s no wonder that the Wave Inspire is highly regarded for having stability benefits, being lightweight, and having a low profile. They’re also considered to be one of the best trail running shoes for flat-footed runners.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17’s full rubber outsole offers great high-mileage durability if you’re looking into running in them over long distances.

Remember that how a shoe feels is really important, so don’t feel pressured into a stability shoe that feels awful.

All right there you have some of my top picks for flat feet running shoes. I hope this gives you a place to start your search.

Don’t be afraid to go to a running store and run around the block! Or truly checkout the return policy for many places. You will often be surprised to find that you could take them out for a couple runs and then return them because you don’t like the way they feel.

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