5 Best Men’s Running Shoes in 2022 – Insider

5 Best Men’s Running Shoes in 2022 – Insider

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If you’re looking for an easy way to get some fresh air, spend more time out of the house, or incorporate more movement into your home-centric life these days, jogging and running are super accessible ways to support both your mental and physical health at once.

And shoes specifically designed for running are crucial: When you pound the pavement, you’re sending impact forces through your foot and up through your legs. Part of what determines how your muscles and joints absorb this is your biomechanics, but the other part is your shoe construction. Many runners even have a natural propensity for the foot to roll inward or outward when they jog.

All this is to say, the shoe you wear while running makes a world of difference. No matter your run style, wearing a shoe capable of providing enough stability helps better protect your tendons and joints, while also making running more comfortable.

If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes but aren’t sure where to look, I’m here to help. To find the best, I road-tested the latest releases from brands like New Balance, Nike, and Hoke One One, and not only wanted to judge their comfort or fit, but how well they performed over a variety of run lengths and use cases — including more than 200 miles of running through New York City’s Central Park alone. 

Here are the best men’s running shoes:

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