23 Best Gifts for Runners in 2022 – Insider

23 Best Gifts for Runners in 2022 – Insider

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If you’re trying to think of an excellent gift for the runner in your life, skip a new pair of running shoes or a water bottle — they already have the training basics dialed.

What they could use more is something to help them recover faster and be less sore or a pair of ridiculously comfortable running shorts. Even a subscription box of running fuel they could always use more of is a good choice. 

There are plenty of items people in the running community would love, and we’ve curated a list of gear unique and considerate enough to be worthy of a gift — including running socks so comfortable and well-made that gifting a pair is anything but a cop-out.

Whether the runner in your life is your best friend and you know they’re struggling to hit their PR, or if all you know about your third cousin is that they’re into the sport, we’ve rounded up the best gifts any runner will love.

Here are the best gifts for runners:

Gifts under $50

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