20 Best Flip Flops For Women Who Wanna Be Active In …

20 Best Flip Flops For Women Who Wanna Be Active In …

Warmer weather has arrived and it’s time to finally give your feet some air and show off that flawless pedicure you gave yourself by slipping on a pair of flip flops, a.k.a. the unofficial footwear of summer. One problem: Flip flops can be kind of hit or miss in terms of comfort. So how do you find the best flip flops for not only warm weather but keeping your feet happy?

For starters, it’s important to consider how much movin’ you plan to do. After all, a lot of flip flops are flimsy and good for just kicking around in. But if you are looking for a pair with more substance, you’ll have to consider options with more support. Look for brands that provide arch support or have cushioned footbeds to absorb the impact of walking. There are even flip flops that are summer-activity friendly or water-sports ready with special footbeds that wick away water. Others are made of anti-microbial materials that won’t get stinky or can be thrown right into the washing machine.

Let’s be honest: Summer should be easy breezy and no one wants unwanted foot pain or blisters to ruin their fun in the sun. If you are looking for flip flops to walk in that won’t kill your feet (but are also cute and comfy), keep reading for the best flip flops for staying on the move all season long, according to WH editors and enthusiastic reviewers.

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