15 Smart Solutions for Stinky Shoes – One Crazy House

15 Smart Solutions for Stinky Shoes – One Crazy House

Stinky shoes are the absolute worse. I don’t know about you, but I’m that weird person sitting in the passenger seat, kicking off my shoes to get all nice and comfortable. (Especially if it’s any kinda road trip, ok fine if I’m in the car longer than ten minutes.)

But every now and then, when I take off my shoes, everyone in the car gets a surprise as a very unpleasant smell fills the air. Once the horror sinks into my consciousness that it’s my feet, I quickly (but discreetly) scramble to throw and soak my shoes back on.

How to Freshen Stinky Shoes

I know I’m not the only one overwhelmed by the smell of stinky shoes and feet. I know that I have tried just about every shoe cleaning method known to man, or should I say woman, so I thought I’d share 15 stinky shoe solutions with you. You can have all of the best solutions to rid yourself of the unwanted stinky shoe “aroma” as well.

1. Tea Bags to help Your Shoes Smell Good

Do your shoes stink up the room after a workout? Let’s not run everyone out of the gym. Put some teabags in those sticky shoes as soon as you take them off. The tea bags will absorb the odor and leave your shoes smelling fresh.

And the bonus is that you likely already have tea bags at home (maybe in a flavor you didn’t love like black tea) or can get some hands-on it pretty inexpensively!

2. Customer Deodorizer Pouches for Stinky Shoes

3. DIY Stinky Shoe Spray

4. Natural Shoe Deodorizer for those Pesky Stinky Shoes

It is also safe to spray on everything which helps you banish bad shoe odor for good extending the life of boots, sneakers, gym bags, boxing gloves, ski boots, Uggs, heels, leather shoes, ballet slippers, camping equipment, and cycling gear, and last but not least your running shoes!


5. Dryer Sheet Method Stinky Shoe Help

6. Coffee Filters and Baking Soda for Stinky Shoes

I like the ease of this simple stinky shoe solution since everything you need, the ingredients, is right in your kitchen!

Freshen Stinky Shoes Using Common Household Staples

7. Repurpose Things in Your Home to Freshen Stinky Shoes

8. Reuse Orange Peels in Those Stinky Shoes

It’s hard to go anywhere anymore without finding bags of cute little oranges. They make such a handy treat. Start saving your orange peels if you have stinky smelly feet. Place them in your shoes for about 24 hours. The peels will absorb odors and leave a fresh citrusy scent behind. If oranges aren’t your thing – try lemons, limes, or even grapefruit. Any citrus should work.

9. Newspaper Hack for Stinky Shoes

What’s worse than stinky shoes? Stinky, damp shoes. Eww. Use crumpled-up newspaper to absorb the moisture, sweat glands, and odor. You can also try placing your shoes on a window seal in the sun, on a drying rack, or anywhere you can find a nice sunny spot. This will help dry those damp shoes from the outside and the inside.

 10. Stinky Shoe Freezer Method

We recommend putting them in a plastic bag first (a great way to repurpose those plastic bags from the grocery store), but putting your shoes in the freezer is a surefire way to get rid of odors. You need to leave them there for a day or two for the cold to kill all the odor-causing bacteria.

11.  Coffee Grounds Hack for Stinky Shoes

The coffee grounds that you pick up at the coffee shop may be damp, if that’s the case pour some out into a shallow plastic storage container and allow them to dry before you used them to freshen up your shoes or making your odor absorbers. Put the coffee grounds in aluminum foil first before adding them to your shoes; or  You don’t want a wet, mushy mess on your hands (or feet).

12. Bar of Soap Stinky Shoe Hack

13.  Natural Bamboo Charcoal Shoe Deodorizers

14.  Use The Dishwasher to Freshen Stinky Shoes

If I did use this method I’d probably run the dishwasher a cycle without dishes to just clean things up before I moved on to the plates. But, hey clean shoes and a clean dishwasher – a two for one. (More Things You Can Put in the Dishwasher)

15. Clean Stinky Shoes in the Washing Machine

And if all else fails, toss your shoes in a mesh bag or pillowcase, and put them in the washing machine. If you choose to use a pillowcase I have found it’s best to close the end up with a hair tie.

I’ve tried the tie-the-knot in the pillowcase method, and every single time I’ve tried it the pillowcase comes undone. If you do choose to tie it, or knot it, I hope you have better luck than I do. (Get more laundry hacks here.)

If you don’t have either a mesh bag or a pillowcase, you want to use – this is not the job for the guest linens 😉 – then another laundry idea is to toss the shoes in with a load of towels. Just don’t forget to not use the bleach on that load, and maybe the highest heat setting isn’t the best idea. But the towels will help muffle the sounds of a thousand running feet as the shoe wash.

More Stinky Shoe Tips & Hacks

Don’t let stinky shoes, and feet catch, you off guard anymore. By taking a few simple and effective preventative measures you can control even the worse of the worst funky foot smells:

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