10 Best Running Movies to Inspire | Cross Country, Elities & Adventure

10 Best Running Movies to Inspire | Cross Country, Elities & Adventure

Tis the time of year when motivation can wane. Luckily, these running movies might be just the ticket to get you moving again!!

Some of you will begrudgingly find yourselves on the treadmill this winter due to travel, ice or just bad luck. Others of us will be loving wearing our shorts and watching tv while running!

Luckily, there’s nothing like a good show about running to keep your legs pumping just a little bit longer. Because if they can do it…well you at least want to try!

10 Motivational Running Movies

Excited to say a bunch of these are on Netflix and Amazon Prime video with your membership, so if you have those options you might just be able to pull them up on your tablet even at the gym!

Whether you want a movie about the Olympic runners, cross country movie, free running movie, a Disney running or just a great story these fit the bill. I indeed watched them all and expect a few to be repeated this year.

I admit to not knowing much about his story prior to the movie. Seeing the racism of both the US and the fears of that Munich Olympics was fascinating because it wasn’t so long ago. Another reminder of how much things have changed (and not changed) and of course a beautiful story of his legendary runs.

This is a documentary style film that follows both elite and everyday runners training for the Chicago marathon. Being able to relate to their fears, joys and frustrations  makes this a great pre-race watch.

This one is a Disney movie based on the true story of a 1987 cross country team in Southern California. A fired football coach, he comes to a new school and finds a group of 7 young men with talent, but little future prospects and he decides to start a cross country team…it’s Disney, so you can take it from there.

And yet, it’s extremely motivating. It takes that horrible day and makes you want to stand up and say “you will not stop us from doing what we love”. This movie is made in to a drama with Mark Wahlberg rather than a documentary and in some ways that just made it more powerful

No personal chefs and in home massage therapists. “Fast Women” follows four female runners from the same local running club as they aspire to reach their goals.

Three women are aiming for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, while the fourth is a 32 year old woman who is trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon after having suffered a debilitating stroke.”

This documentary follows a trail race in Tennessee that seems designed simply to induce pain. It’s a strange, funny, intriguing story that will have you running extra miles to find out what’s next. Why the secret application? How is the route even created?!

If you don’t know the story of Steve Prefontaine, you’re missing out. This is a compilation of old videos and lots of interviews with those who knew him.

I thoroughly loved this movie because it felt relatable in that OMG running is so hard and yet I’m gonna keep doing it way. Her transformation isn’t really about the physical. Plus it’s one of the few comedies!

This is the story of how being fast allowed Wesley Korir to escape that life of hardship in Kenya. And then more importantly how is love of country and family made him return home to try and improve life for everyone.

I know someone is going to slap me down for not including Chariots of Fire, but I have a horrible confession…I haven’t watched it. EIIK! I know I’m an awful runner, right? For some reason it’s just never jumped out at me, but I promise to fix that this year.

While there are other running documentaries, I just haven’t found most of them to draw me in the way the one’s above did. Not that they weren’t achieving incredible things running through the dessert or across Antarctica, so maybe it was just the narration or the video.

I don’t know what it is, but watching a movie about running while working out just pushes me. I think it’s the same reason that I listen to podcasts about running outside!

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